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Gamethread #2: Canucks vs Flyers

Canucks go out to the east coast to try and a win.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Philadelphia Flyers
Zack...that’s the wrong jersey.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Was that a good start to the year? I am not really sure. The game reminded me of so many games over the past three years The Canucks looked fast in the first, but they were unable to finish. They fall behind and then battle back in the third only to lose in the circus round. Those loser points come back in to bit teams in the ass in April.

The Canucks go into Philly having not won there since 2017. The Canucks look like a different team, but so does Philly. The top six for Philly looks pretty good and Derek Brassard adds some “grit” on the bottom six, but their defense looks different with Ryan Ellis and Ristolainen. Carter Hart and Martin Jones looks ok on paper, but we’ll see.

This road trip needs some points and the team needs to find some rhythm when it comes to the PP. Hopefully Brock can get healthy and add that shot to the left side.

Wins are what we maybe scoring goals might be the thing to do.

Go Canucks Go!