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Gamethread #1: Canucks vs Oilers

Vancouver starts the year on the road versus their old nemesis.

NHL: Preseason-Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

And so it begins......

It is October and there is hope in the air...on the other side of the mask.

and there is also the usual skepticism about a team that has made some major changes.

The preseason for the Canucks was not very good. I was being nice there. There seems to be a feeling that there is a magic button this team will hit and wins will appear. The last two preseason games against the Oilers looked like Canucks teams I have seen for years under Travis Green. Too many penalties and a late comeback that comes up short that gives some in the media the hope that this team will be better.

Well, tonight starts the dream season or another crushing blow to our collective psyche.
The Oilers are a team that did well in the Canadian North division during the regular season and then were hit with the reality that they are built for playoff hockey. Kind of the opposite of the Canucks....unfortunately you need to achieve the first part to get to the second part.

No Sutter tonight and maybe no Brock, but Twitter has promised me 8 goals and a shutout.

Go Canucks Go!