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I needed to look up the word “good” after the last Canucks game.

20 minutes of good play always equals a loss for Vancouver

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

“I think we played a pretty game overall…” ~ Petey

What? Really? Please tell me that you just ran out of things to say. I would think that this would have been a quote after the first game in Edmonton, but not the last game.

What the fuck? Really? This is one of those points in history where two people watch/live the same moment and see something different.

I’m not really sure how you spin these stats into, “we barely played in our zone”

Travis Green ~ “For 50 minutes it might have our best game to date.”

That 50 minutes was still mediocre at best.

I understand the relationship between the media and the team. Certain questions are asked and players look for ways to answer questions that don’t embarrass their teammates or organization. So, in essence the media won’t ask hard questions and players won’t give honest answers. The two parts are always like people on a first date. Fishing for info without directness.

Luckily for me, I can be more direct in my questions as I work for some great people that know they can get rid of me at any moment. We understand our relationship and I know that I will never get access to players. Actually, I am not sure I would want access as I would then have to start dancing with them like the rest of the media. So let’s go…

Twitter and other social platforms have analyzed this issue to death and yet there are few agreements that are universal. The blame game is a vicious game that affects every player on the team as it is a team game. The change of personnel is on Jim Benning and Francisco Aquilini. They have final say on spending for this team. That meant no Toffoli….no Tanev…no Marky and no Stetcher. The personnel that the Canucks have is who they have.

Now, how the coach uses the players he has, should be the cause of concern. The Canucks have not really played a great game yet. 0 for 7. Call it rust…lack of practice if it makes you feel better. But every team is in the same situation and been able to execute. In reality, the system the Canucks are running, specifically defensively, is suspect. It has always been suspect and with a young group of players, the system might be the issue. I find it interesting that Green seems unwilling to let his defense step up faster in the neutral zone or at the blueline to slow down a rush. The system is set up to direct opposing forwards to the outside and trailing forwards or defense are supposed to cover the middle. Unfortunately, the forwards of the Canucks are not getting back enough.

The break out of the Canucks through the neutral zone has had a very hard time this year and the forwards have been playing a lot of dump and chase. Creating rushes out their own end was their bread-and-butter last year. This year, not so much. Other teams have adjusted and Green has yet to find a system for his team to use that helps create more chances.

We have a philosophical issue that leads into reality. If a coach has a system that he wants the players to follow, but they are unable to, do we blame the players? Of course. It’s easy to say that players aren’t able to execute. But if the players can’t be switched out….because in reality you can’t get all new players or the ideal players you want, isn’t it time to look at the system that will lead to fewer mistakes and/or better chances for success?

It seems like Travis Green is waiting for his players to execute properly. But if everything has to go right for the majority of the players on any given night for the Canucks to win… that a great system?

Now I am just a guy who writes on a blog. I am more than willing to listen and look at any evidence that this system is a good system for this team. Travis Green has a .492 winning percentage as the Canucks head coach. Jim Benning has a .494 winning percentage as Canucks GM. All those that want Benning’s head should realize that Green is more to blame on a day to day basis.

If you believe that Green should be safe because of the personnel Benning has brought in, then you should admit that this team hasn’t been very good. They have trouble scoring and the defense has been below average for years. And Green hasn’t made them much better. If you point to last year’s playoff run, you seem to have forgotten that before COVID the team was sinking and was outside of the top 8. The team got hot at the right time. To believe that long term success was are an optimist.

It’s unfortunate that straight answers aren’t available from the team, players and coaches. The business of hockey leads to boring questions and answers. You are not bound by that here. If any members of the Canucks organization decides to ban me from any future media events, I understand.

I really want this team to succeed. There is some great talent on the Canucks, but sometimes it’s hard to create success if the system leads to predictable play. The Canucks have become predictable….again.