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Gamethread#6: Canucks vs Habs....part deux

Vancouver and Montreal go at it again tonight.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

The fear level went down a couple notches last night. The Canucks couldn’t hold a lead but came back in the third to win in the shootout. The Canucks scored goals.....powerplay goals at that! Both Bo and Brock found their scoring touch.....and transferred it to Toffoli as well. (Too bad he is on the wrong team.)

There are some positives this year

Tyler Myers only has one penalty this year. Tyler Myers on the PP was marvelous last night.

Now for the bad news: Petey has only one point this year. (He’s due!)

Hughes is -5 this year. Worst on the team. (There are reasons!)

Adam Gaudette can’t win a faceoff.

Oh....and there were injuries last night. So the lineup may hit the blender setting because of that. The Canadiens were a physical team with some big shots that did some damage. No Hamonic....

The Canucks need to take advantage of last change and get some better matchups against a fast-skating Habs team. Some young defensemen need to step and play some better than average hockey. Tyler Toffoli needs to get hit. Petey needs to pot a goal and open the floodgates.

Go Canucks Go!