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Gamethread #5: Canucks vs Montreal

Hey, there’s hockey in Vancouver tonight. Let’s see if the Canucks show up for it.

Vancouver Canucks v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

There seems to be a lot of people on the internet telling fans of the Canucks not to panic. “Hey, they’re only 4 games in.....give them time.” It’s not really like i have a choice in this matter. If I were coach I would make some changes. Of course if I was coach that might be the biggest change right there. I am not panicking though. Probably because I expect these results to some degree. It’s like Canuck fans enter denial several times during the year and forget the issues that they themselves brought up in the offseason.

Issues like: the Canucks can’t defend.....or the Canucks can’t consistently score....or the Canucks don’t match up well against Canadian teams.

I think the players and coaches know these issues and are trying to address them....but it seems they have yet to play more than 30 minutes of good hockey in a game.

Tonight sees the Habs come to town. Montreal was able to sign Toffoli, Jake Allen and trade for Josh Anderson to help stock up against the rest of Canada. But it is their defenseman that are leading the way in both ends of the rink. Jeff Petry and Shea Weber are 1-2 in scoring for the team.

Tonight, more than most nights, Vancouver eyes will be on Petey. After showing some emotion with his stick last game and being held off the score sheet for 3 games, he needs to come out shooting. This team only has a chance of playoffs if Petey can make those around him better. The Canucks need to stop the bleeding right now.

Maybe the Canucks just need you to yell louder. Who cares about the neighbors....yell at that T.V. or laptop you’re watching.

Go Canucks Go!