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Gamethread#4: Canucks vs Flames

4th game in Alberta...looking for a split.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Vancouver Canucks at St. Louis Blues Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Where to begin...Four games in Alberta in a week would tire me out. But the Canucks looked tired in game 2, so I can only imagine how slow they might be tonight. That is unless, J.T. Miller can bring a spark to this offensive unit of slackers. Just bumping Jake back down to third line duties might be enough.

I shouldn’t be so hard on a team that hasn’t had a real training camp or preseason, but all the other teams are in the same position. Starting out the year 1-3 is not ideal...or good. Special teams have not been special. After a strong first game, the second line has not produced. The third line....anyone seen them?

Ok, if the Canucks win tonight and get the split, I will be happy. I wonder if a .500 team can make it to the playoffs this year?

On a side note, after watching Voracek rip into a reporter the other day, I fully expect Alex Edler to have unkind Swedish words to say to me in the near future for the years of me cussing him out. The relationship between players and the different varieties of media, is weird and full of canned answers from players and wild speculation from bloggers (looking at you Jimmi). To see Voracek call out a reporter is refreshing.

Back to tonight’s game....let’s hope the Canucks are able to get 2 points out of Calgary, so I don’t have to call out players.

Go Canucks Go!