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Gamethread #2: Canucks vs Oilers

Is this deja-vu...or just a really crazy schedule?

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Vancouver Canucks at Vegas Golden Knights Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

I wonder if I can get away with putting up the same stuff as last night?

I think the Canucks are asking the same question. Can they play the same style of game two nights in a row against this Oilers team? I don’t know what to make of the Oilers team. McDavid was his fast dangerous self, but other than that I only heard Dominik Kahun’s name. Holtby played pretty well (except for the the third goal, where he was out of position) and I didn’t have too many “Fuck Edler” moments.

Third line played ok last night....I asked Gaudette to score and he did. Tonight I am asking the fourth line to chip off some of the cement from their gloves and pot one. Isn’t it great to see such a strong second line. If Bo’s line can keep being this dangerous, Petey will have more space to work.

By the way I like the sound of this:

and let’s hope to see this comment two night in a row

and finally...this

Go Canucks Go!