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Gamethread #1: Canucks vs Oilers

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The season begins in Edmonton with some new faces on the Canucks...and some that need to step up.

NHL: New York Islanders at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Hi everyone!

Welcome to a new season and a new division. The Scotia North seems like a weird name when there are so many other possibilities. Like Molson....Barcadi....Smirnoff or Pfizer.

The Canucks are now in an all Canadian division, which might be their worse nightmare. To add to that nightmare is the fact that in a 56 game season, a slow start might end any hope for the playoffs quickly. There is no play-in system this year, so the Canucks can’t afford a 6 game losing streak.

All the new faces this year bring some excitement after a shaky offseason. Schmidt, Holtby, Hoglander, Hawryluk and Hamonic hopefully bring some energy to this team, so the Canucks can compete in this very tough division.

I am not going to say too much about the Oilers. They have two of the best players in the world and can’t get anywhere near a Stanley Cup.

The Canucks have two players in COVID protocol, J.T. Miller and Jordie Benn. This won’t be the last time this occurs this year and COVID will certainly be more of an issue this year with teams not being in a bubble. Can adults control their behavior? Will some players get sidelined through no fault of their own? We will probably never know the true stories until after the season.

For those of you thinking Loui was gone for good....surprise. He is not. He is scratched tonight, but not gone.

The final thing I want to talk about the guy who needs to perform this year.....and no, it isn’t Jake. Jake scored 18 goals last year. Will he come near that total this year? Who cares...I mean, we all hope he does but we also kind of expect he won’t. My attention has shifted to Adam Gaudette. This is the year he has to put his 200 foot game together. He needs to be putting up better offensive numbers and play better defense. He may never be the goal scorer we hoped for, but he has yet to find a role that he is comfortable with. This might be his make or break year. Realistically, he needs 15 goals to get a $2 million/yr contract next year. He also has to be in the lineup every night. Let’s hope the Canucks can get a good third line this year.

Buckle in everyone. The schedule this year is coming at you hard and fast. Let’s put our feet up and get ready to yell at Edler.

Go Canucks Go!