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Canucks Cancel Practice After Potential COVID-19 Exposure

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All sessions at Rogers Arena are on hold after the team announced of a possible exposure.

Vancouver Canucks Training Camp Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

With the season to begin on Wednesday, this was not the announcement the team wanted to make, nor fans wanted to hear. While we await news of what this means for the final day of camp, and the season opener in Edmonton on Wednesday.

The announcement comes just a couple days after the Dallas Stars announced that 6 players and 2 staff had tested positive for COVID-19, forcing the league to postpone their season opening trip to Florida against the Panthers. There is no word yet on when the games will be rescheduled. Dallas’ training facility remains closed for deep cleaning as well as further testing and contract tracing of players and staff members.

This is a bit worrisome, especially after the release of a study at the end of 2020 by researchers at Ohio State University. The study looked at two dozen student athletes who had contracted and recovered from the virus, and showed that more than 30% of them showed signs of cellular heart damage. Fingers crossed that this is just a scare, and that all of them: players, staff and their families, stay healthy.

We’ll update this once the Canucks release more information.