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Many issues to address this offseason for the Canucks

Armchair GMs are just getting started with the changes that need to be made.

NHL: FEB 28 Red Wings at Canucks Photo by Bob Frid/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Our own CanucksAbbyFan2 has created a list which will beaten like the proverbial horse on Twitter….on every podcast and blog for weeks to come. His list is a good starting point as it has the names that are important to the offseason.

I remind you that you should watch that you pick the right hill to die on when it comes to these decisions as there are other decisions to be made and the order of these decisions drive the next move. I’m not sure if the order he chose was the importance of the move or just a list.

So let’s start in an order I think is right.

1. Is GMJB the GM still?

I think the answer is yes after this postseason. Even if the Canucks would have missed the playoffs this year without COVID, he probably would have been safe for another year.

2. Is Travis Green the coach?

Yes again, but I will say this, he is Jekyll and Hyde. He made some great adjustments during the playoffs and then in other games, the team would stay with a style that not working. I know he can only work with the pieces he has, but I wish he would take some more chances.

3. Which move is the first move for GMJB to make?

This question will lead to divorce in some households. Some will say Marky and others Toffoli. The giant elephant in the room is the flat cap and some dumb contracts that are untradable. Some believe that teams will take a Loui or Sutter because we can find a mathematical way for it to happen. But logically, it just won’t. We are stuck with them.

So back to the question then. I think I would let Marky walk because another $6 million/yr contract is not feasible. Even $5.5 is tough. Unfortunately, GMJB will probably re-sign him. By signing him, you pretty much have said bye-bye to Demko by the trade deadline next year so they don’t lose him in the expansion draft.

4. After that crappy realization, what’s next?

Not Toffoli. He will command the same $5.5 million+ salary and it can’t be done. Uncertainty over revenue next year and for years to come should stop this signing. Petey and Hughes next contract kills this signing.

5. Find a defenseman better than Fantenberg.

You may think I spelled Benn wrong, but Benn may not even be the 7th defenseman next year. Juolevi should get time and don’t forget about Rathbone. But wouldn’t be nice to have a guy that could be a 2nd/3rd line guy.

6. That’s leads me to Tanev/Stetcher.

This might be the time to finally trade Tanev. **Full disclosure – I have been saying we should trade Tanev for years. I am not changing my tune. Tanev could bring a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick this year. No Tanev means Stetcher could get re-signed to a 3-4 year deal with $4 million.

7. Boeser.

Why trade him? – He would fetch a quality defenseman or some high draft picks.

Why you don’t trade him? – Petey, Boeser, Hughes, Miller and Bo could be the core for years to come. Petey loves him. Don’t make Petey mad.

I would trade him. GMJB won’t.

8. Go after Pietrangelo.

No. GMJB is drooling over Alex, but the $9 million+ price tag is a non-starter.

9. Jake or Zack.

Zack has speed, can shoot, willing goes into the corners, hits people and will drop the gloves.

Jake is fast on the outside and has a shot. Playoff Jake was too similar to reg season Jake.

I choose Zack. I would not offer anything to Jake and let him walk for nothing. I would make a bad GM.

10. Gaudette

I’m going to be honest. I’m not sure if Gaudette is going to work out. Maybe it’s the coaching. They want Adam to play defense, but it’s his offence that worries me. He is not a good puck-handler and he struggled to get into shooting position. He can’t have that one-dimensional shooter mentality in the NHL and struggles flipping the switch from defense to offence.

I would think about trading him for a pick or package him.

11. Josh Leivo

I would love to know how he is doing.

12. Any new blood

This draft as is will be a yawner as the Canucks don’t have a pick until the 3rd round. GMJB will have to really use his magic to get any future Canucks this year.