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Canucks 2019-20 Playoff report cards: Brandon Sutter

Sutter got to see the playoffs with the Canucks for the 1st time.

Vancouver Canucks v St Louis Blues - Game One Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

I typed in the word foundation to try and I got this:

That can’t be right, so I tried again and got this.

I guess after 232 games with the Canucks, Brandon Sutter has not become synonymous with the term foundational. On a side note, if you Google “Brandon Sutter’s hands” you might find the second picture.

I know, I am being hard on the Canucks veteran, but so much was expected from him, in every single season including this one where he got to return to the playoffs.

Playoff Stats

that was about the same pace he had during the regular season as well, except he dished out a couple more hits....not lots more, just a couple more.


I have to admit to not being a Brandon Sutter fan, in case the first two pictures didn’t tip you off. Finding a strength....a strength....ok, let’s go with faceoffs. He was 5th on the team with a 53% winning percentage. He must have others as he is an assistant captain, so let’s call them intangibles. Hockey people love those, except the people that love stats, they hate intangibles because you can’t measure them.

Sutter played 15+ minutes quite a few games in the first two series and was was getting off shots playing 3rd line minutes. One of those shots led to this goal.


I will now admit that my opinion has been skewed by the foundational contract Sutter signed in 2016. At the time we all hoped Sutter would be a 20 goal scorer that would be second line center. Fast forward a couple of seasons and injuries and drafts and Sutter is a guy who shifts between 3rd and 4th lines, while avoiding contact and battles along the board.

And that’s the Sutter I saw in the playoffs as well. The other things I saw was a slower Sutter, but that might be due to him playing second unit PK and the team giving him lots of work. There was at least one time a game where Sutter would get the puck on a mini-break during the PK and the gas would run out to kill the chance. Unlike the goal that you should have watched 10 times by now, Sutter’s shot release was one of the slowest in the league.(Only behind Loui)

Best Moment:

Sutter’s game against St. Louis, where the Nucks won 6-2 was the highlight of the playoffs, actually his season, as he had 3 assists. Take a moment and relive it.

Overall Grade:

Sutter played up to his potential this playoffs and that is the sad part. I will say that he was an important part of the this team getting to the last eight. But as always, the fact Sutter makes some much to do so little, makes it hard to be more cheerful.

Sutter gets a C+.