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Ekblad for Boeser & Seshing with Snoop Dogg | Dude, Where’s My Towel?

James Cybulski joins host Nick Bondi on the latest episode of Power of the Towel.

Chris Tanev
Chris Tanev, resident Canucks’ dad, is heading for a divorce with the Vancouver organization
Getty Images/Nick Bondi

Canucks fans could be products of a broken home pretty soon.

Reports from The Athletic Pittsburgh suggest that Chris Tanev, beloved father figure on the Vancouver Canucks, could be leaving for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Whispers are it will be a 5x5 deal.

The #fancystats tweet above is a great illustration of why you should probably stay away from Tanev at that price point. He’s 31 right now, and he’s not getting any younger. Plus, he’s had durability issues in the past. Last season was the first time in his career he’s played every single regular-season game. The previous three, he’s missed 25+.

The boss, Trevor Beggs, laid it all out on The Quickie. You can’t afford $5 million of the cap towards a guy who will most likely be carried by Quinn Hughes.

Unfortunately, we did NOT talk about this on the latest episode of Power Of The Towel with James Cybulski because the news broke after I finished recording. But we did cover more pressing issues, like smoking weed with Snoop Dogg.

Trading The Flow

A guy that I would potentially trade Brock Boeser for is Aaron Ekblad.

Friend of the show Harman Dayal suggested it in one of his articles, and I have to admit I like the idea.

Ekblad is cost-controlled until the end of the 2025 season at $7.5 million. Boeser is $5.875 million but his minimum qualifying offer will be $8.5 million in two years’ time. Obviously, some other pieces would have to be worked out for salary.

Has Ekblad been the stud, number one defencemen the Florida Panthers expected when they drafted him first overall in 2014? Probably not. But he wouldn’t have to be on the Canucks, because they have a stud number one defencemen in Quinn Hughes. He could be the Robin to Hughes’ Batman and not have to be “the guy.”

Dealing Demko

If the Canucks were to trade Demko, what could they possibly get?

I still believe Markstrom will get re-signed just because I think Benning believes the window for this team is sooner rather than later. That means you have to go with the sure thing.

I look at what Freddie Anderson went for when he was dealt to the Leafs — a late first-round pick — as the absolute ceiling for Demko’s value league-wide. But, he could possibly be used for a defencemen that the team desperately needs.

Or as guest James Cybulski brought up, just keep the guy and role with two goalies next year. Or sign a cheap 1B. The possibilities are endless.

We’re Unique Everyone

It’s no secret that Vancouver is a Canucks mad city.

That’s obviously to our benefit here at Nucks Misconduct, but I wonder how that will change if the city ever gets an NBA team back (if).

Drop It Like It’s Hot

We ask only the most important questions on our show. Wouldn’t you want to spark up with the Doggfather if given the chance?