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Goaltending Controversies & Black Lives Matter (feat. Farhan Lalji) | Dude, Where’s My Towel

On a cloudy morning here in Vancouver — perhaps signalling the slow end of summer — I’m reminded of a line from the Rolling Stones.

You can’t always get what you want.

That is probably what the Vegas Golden Knights are thinking after outshooting the Canucks 43-17, getting 79 shot attempts, and losing the game 2-1.

That’s hockey for you.

And I don’t know why this blog started off so drearily. Maybe it’s the internal dread that we’re going to spend a fall and winter in unprecedented conditions. Or maybe it’s because the Canucks won’t be playing much longer if they get dominated like that.

But an all-time performance by Thatcher Demko made the fact that they were badly outshot and out-chanced irrelevant. As we like to say on Nucks Misconduct, just win baby.

Just Another Goalie Controversy

A goaltending controversy in Vancouver is as synonymous in this city as rain, Lululemon, and dispensaries.

Yes, Thatcher Demko had a great game. Brilliant in fact. But I cringe when I see people online saying it’s now time to move on from Markstrom.

We’ll have plenty of time in an unprecedented offseason to break this down, but I urge readers not to become prisoners of the moment with this. The Canucks have to go with the goalie who better fits their window of contention. When that window is, will determine who they sign.

Motivation Matters

You heard it from guest Farhan Lalji, motivation matters.

That won’t be a problem heading into Game Six. They’ll be a win away from Game Seven, and that hopefully will give a boost to the team and draw out a better performance.

I still think winning two games against Vegas is a stretch, but hey Vegas did blow a 3-1 series lead against the Sharks last year, and a 3-0 lead in Game Seven.

The pressure is all on the Golden Knights the rest of the way.

Old Takes Exposed

As we like to say on Nucks Misconduct, “honest people, honest podcasts”. Just going to put this out there for everyone.

And Now, For Something Completely Different

The vast majority of my time with Farhan Lalji was spent talking about the NHL players protest last week. And yes, this was a players movement. If it was up to the Gary Bettman and the owners, they would have kept playing through this.

I encourage you all to listen to the interview, but I think my favourite moment of the conversation was this exchange.

With social media, it’s easy to get stuck in a spiral of negativity. Yes, the world is kind of shitty right now. But there is always hope for the future. The change we all want may not happen in an instant, but it is achievable if we constantly work towards it.