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2020 Stanley Cup Finals Prediction Thread

It’s the Tampa Bay Lightning and Dallas Stars facing off in a battle to raise the Cup. Who ya got?

Tampa Bay Lightning v Dallas Stars Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

[They’ve gone from 24 teams down to 2, and when the smoke cleared (well, it’s gonna clear eventually, right?) the Dallas Stars and Tampa Bay Lightning were the last teams standing, and they’ll begin their battle for the Stanley Cup tonight at the Bubble in Edmonton.

Some interesting choices for who to pick here this year: Tampa, looking to make good on what should have been a march to the Cup last year before that embarrassing 1st round loss to Columbus, or Dallas and their surprising march to the Finals.

We asked our writers to let us know who they like in this series. Some of them even answered!

Westy - I saw Tampa making it to the end. Great forwards, better 4th line this year, strong defense and great goalie. I didn’t see Dallas making it to the end, but I think that was my mistake for not paying attention to them all year. Benn, Seguin, Radulov are all all fast and shoot the puck like crazy. I wasn’t expecting Gurianov. I wasn’t expecting Heiskanen and Klingberg to be leading the way in scoring. And Khudobin has save enough shots to keep them in it.

I think this could be a great series that goes the full seven or a sweep, no in-betweens. So I am going with the former, Lightning finally find a way to win...and without Stamkos.
Lightning in 7.

Kent- This is a tough call. Tampa’s made it look fairly easy on their road to the finals. and it’s probably not wrong to suggest they had an easier path than their opponent. Dallas took down a couple legit heavyweights in Colorado or Vegas, but with the Avalanche losing their goaltender at the start of the series, and Vegas being broken mentally by the Vancouver Canucks (you know it’s true), it certainly altered their path as well. I think there’s something about the make up of this Dallas team, the way their D fuel their offence yet don’t do so as a liability, that makes them dangerous. This could actually be a fun series to watch. And maybe they’ll win without cheating this time. Stars in 7.

jimmi - Buble hockey is still going on? Without us? That’s weird. I predict I won’t watch any of these fake Cup games - have to finish the summer projects the NHL rudely interrupted. Without a Nucks/Habs Cup final matchup, my interest in this series is close to zero. In that fine spirit, going to predict the Bolts in 1 2. (Some will say it’s a 7 game series - but without commercials it’s just 1 2 games)

Beggsy - Tampa should win this series. That being said, Vegas should have beat the Stars, so throw logic out the window.

The Stars were the weird team to make it to the finals. Since 2020 is a weird year, the Stars find a way to do it, giving Rick Bowness his first Stanley Cup. STARS IN 6.