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Cloning Tater Tot Motte & Other Roster Debates | Dude, Where’s My Towel?

Imagine a sextuplet of Motte’s for the Canucks.

Tater Tot Motte is a shining light in the Canucks bottom six. If only there were six of him...

Thatcher Demko single-handedly eliminated the Vegas Golden Knights — sort of.

After they were eliminated on Monday night by the Dallas Stars, Vegas head coach Peter DeBoer said that “there’s no doubt the last couple games of the Vancouver series against Demko probably rattled our confidence in that area as a group. Honestly up to that point, I thought we were creating a ton of offence.”

How much, if you were a rival NHL team, would you pay for an up and coming goalie who is not only good at stopping pucks but can turn the opposing team’s psyche into a pretzel?

Trading Demko is a real possibility for the Canucks this offseason. Then again, maybe the two goalie system is something the Canucks might consider since the next season is likely to feature a compressed schedule.

Just like the Golden’s Knights ego, thinking of all the outcomes will turn your mind into a pretzel.

We discuss this and a lot more on the latest episode of Power Of The Towel with fellow Nucks Misconduct writer, Brayden Ursel.

No More Disastrous Depth

To quote Brayden, you have to find a way to completely gut that bottom six.

How you do that with some of those contracts, I don’t know. But that is clearly the thing holding back the Canucks from taking the next step.

Package picks? Prospects? It should all be on the table.

The Million Dollar Question

Who will the Canucks go with next season in goal?

The more I think about it outside of a vacuum, the more I’m convinced that Markstrom will be the goalie for the Canucks this upcoming season (whenever that is).

Demko’s trade value will probably never be higher. He was so good he eliminated Vegas a round later, his cap hit is just a shade over $1 million, and he’s team controlled for the next few years.

That can get you something. If you remove yourself from the “who’s the better goalie” silo and see that Demko can help you improve in another area, then it becomes clear that he’s a valuable trade chip.

If you can get a right shot, top 4 defencemen for him then you have to seriously consider it. I said it back in July with the Brock Boeser rumours, but take Brock off the table — Demko is a lot more expendable and there’s bound to be a few teams looking to acquire the “goalie of the future.”

A Basket of Tater Tot Motte

Speaking of the Canucks bottom six, if it was full of Tater Tot Motte’s the Canucks would be set.

Imagine a sextuplet of Motte’s for the Canucks. The grit would be off the charts, the hustle would be immense, and the penalty kill would be perfect.

There has to be some billionaire out there who’s close to perfecting cloning technology. Let’s make it happen.

Dancing With The (Dallas) Stars

If you need something to brighten up your day, here’s a clip of Brayden and Myself reacting live to the news that Dallas beat the Vegas Golden Knights to go to the Stanley Cup Final.