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Canucks Playoff Report Cards 2019-20: Roberto Luongo

Lu’s presence was felt throughout the year...and for two more to come.

Anaheim Ducks v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

Born: April 4th, 1979 in Montreal, Quebec

Position: Vancouver Cap dead weight and “Special advisor for Florida Panthers

Stats for the year: 0 GP……0 Wins to go with 0 losses and 0 ties.

Salary: Whatever Dave Tallon agreed to give him before he got fired. Whatever money he can scrape together from fantasy football winnings. And while the Canucks aren’t paying Lu any money, they still have to deal with this.

So that’s why Lu is still part of the team report cards. His recapture penalty is as much part of this team as Loui Eriksson was.

Highlights from the year:

This was Lu’s first year of retirement from playing, but instead of trying to fix the mess of the recapture penalty, he went to work for the Panthers.

My favorite part of that announcement was when Lu said he wanted to learn more about the CBA. I think he just wanted to make sure that no future Panthers received an “untradeable” contract like he did with Vancouver.

The other highlight happened before the puck was even dropped for the 2019-20 season. Lu really wanted to be part of the Canucks organization in some ways, even if he wasn’t invited.

He was invited to the Sedin Jersey retirement and even got his own jersey retired…….by Florida.

Areas that need improvement:

Strombone1 is an integral piece of hockey Twitter. Unfortunately the new job with the kittycats, he reduced his Tweeting down to a measly 29 Tweets for 2020. (so far….unless he reads this and comments). Work is interfering with entertaining the masses, unless Eddie Lack draws him back out.

Another area improvement in case you missed it is this

The timing of Luongo’s retirement was an omen of bad things to come. I asked him a couple years before to hold off on retirement and just get that doctor’s note. Instead, there was no doctor’s note, and the Canucks were out $9 million bucks.

But Lu ignored me…and all other Canuck fans. His recapture was a little higher than the numbers I had, but the cap was supposed to keep growing and so there would be space for it and growing contracts like Petey and Quinn. And then COVID hit…..and the season stopped and the restarted with a flat cap for the next two years. Oh oh. That $3 million+ hurts a bit more now.

Overall grade: D

I didn’t fail Lu.

A “D” is a pass in most places, even Florida. Lu’s history and Twitter presence still make up for the fact he is not a Canuck, doesn’t want to be a Canuck and yet still costs cap space. I hope Lu can step it up a bit next year, the last year of this recapture penalty and be that leader the Canucks asked him to be when he was captain, but somehow, I think I will be disappointed…again.