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Do it for Rick Bowness | The Quickie Podcast

34 years of coaching. No Stanley Cups. Do it for Ricky, Dallas.

Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Four
Head coach Rick Bowness of the Dallas Stars speaks at a postgame press conference after the Dallas Stars defeated the Vegas Golden Knights 2-1 in Game Four of the Western Conference Final of the 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Dallas Stars at Rogers Place on September 12, 2020 in Edmonton, Alberta.
Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

The Canucks season might be over, but the fastest hockey podcast in the world lives on.

Here’s what you may have missed on The Quickie over the last week.

Is Jim Benning a Genius?

It’s not often that you hear a general manager call out specific players for mediocrity.

Usually, that’s considered to be in bad taste. You would think that a GM who has his player’s back would keep those comments behind closed doors.

That’s not what Jim Benning did when speaking to the media last week. He directly called out Jake Virtanen, saying that he expected more from the player.

However, was this decision to call out Jake a genius move by the Canucks general manager? Or was it foolish? I give you my take on The Quickie.

Nikita Pettersson

There are probably lots of players that remind you of Elias Pettersson. That’s a testament to the fact he’s largely a unique player — with portions of his game reminding us of former and current star players.

After Nikita Kucherov’s clutch game-winning goal against the New York Islanders, I talk about the similarities between the Canucks superstar and the reigning Hart Trophy winner.

Do it for Ricky

Monday Morning Quickie: Surprising stats from Canucks Bottom D-men

Did Fantenberg deserved all that praise from the Hockey Night in Canada Panel? Was Myers bad or unlucky during the playoffs? And what category did Benn lead all Canucks in during the playoffs?

I answer that today on The Quickie.