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Gamethread: Canucks vs Wild Game 4 Play-in.

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The Canucks look to advance tonight.

Minnesota Wild v Vancouver Canucks - Game One Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

Jimmi has promised to hold his breath until the Canucks have won this series. We won’t have physical proof to prove this, but the thought is there.

The Canucks come off a perfect road game game (right AttilaS). The PK was doing it’s job covering Myers consistent visits. Brock got a goal...Petey got a goal....Roussel put a puck in the net instead of blocking it with his face....Miller got in a fight. It was glorious.

The question now is, do the Canucks have the killer instinct to put the Wild away tonight. I hope so. Another question, even though Loui sucks at offence, is his presence good luck for the Canucks? So far, it seems so. Finally, does Tyler Myers have to start paying rent in the penalty box?

These were my keys for game one:

1) The Canucks need to play better 5 on 5. Scoring at even strength really demoralizes other teams and it takes pressure off the special teams.

2) The bottom lines have to play better. I wish they would score, but as long as they keep the other team off the board, I’m happy.

3) Marky will have to steal a game.

4) Alex Edler will have to be the man. Some of you will say that Quinn is the key, but in playoff hockey, the Nucks need Special Ed to be that strong presence in front of the net.

I think in the past two games the Canucks have done these things.

So let’s end this tonight!

Go Canucks Go!