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Markstrom Being Markstrom and Torts Stories (feat. Eddie Lack) | Dude, Where’s My Towel

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Former Canucks goaltender Eddie Lack joins this week’s episode of Power of the Towel, part of the Nucks Misconduct Podcast Network.

Eddie Lack
Thanks again to Eddie Lack for joining this week’s episode of Power of the Towel.

Canucks fans, meaningful hockey is BACK.

I underestimated how much I missed it. For close to five years, we were accustomed to the end of season “death march,” where the Canucks had nothing to play for besides draft position.

Well two games in and I’m feeling all sort of things I haven’t felt since probably 2015. The hatred of another team. Despising the other team’s agitators. All that good stuff.

The series is tied up at 1 and it looks like it’s going to be a close series the rest of the way. Enjoy it. And this week’s guest, former Canucks goalie Eddie gives some unique perspectives on the series that I think everyone will enjoy.

Eddie the Analyst

Eddie Lack was a delightful interview, and I really enjoyed his opinion as a former player on the series so far. Keep in mind that this interview was recorded right after Game One.

I agree 100% with Eddie that the Canucks played way too timid in that first game against the Wild. Only four shots in the 3rd period was unacceptable, and Travis Green knew that for sure. They did a better job in game 2 showing some urgency — that early goal by Pearson definitely helped their cause.

Ferland’s Fight

One of the big talking points coming out of game one was Micheal Ferland’s fight with Marcus Foligno early in the game.

I have nothing respect for Ferland for fighting in that scenario. We all know his history with concussions, and for him to put his brain on the line there shows a dedication to his team that can’t be overlooked.

And to those who say he shouldn’t be fighting, I get that. But at the end of the day, is it not Ferland’s body? We should respect his choice to fight if that’s what he wants. If someone told him to fight knowing full well his history with concussions, well that’s a different story.

It was interesting to hear Eddie Lack’s take on the situation from a player’s perspective.

Markstrom the Magnificent

Who better to discuss the career of Jacob Markstrom than his former backup in Sweden, Eddie Lack?

Markstrom was considered the best goalie prospect in the world at one point when he was in the Florida Panthers system. After being involved in the infamous Roberto Luongo trade, it took him a few years but this season we finally saw why he was so widely regarded as a prospect.

So far this series he’s been pretty good. I’m sure the first goal in both games are goals he would like to have back, but he will have to be on top of his game if the Canucks want to win this series. They give up too many chances for him to be just average and win.

Murphy Bed Torts

You best believe I got a Torts story out of Eddie Lack when I had him on the podcast.

That era of the Canucks is still so well-liked and so fondly remembered, mostly because of how many characters the team seemed to have. From of course friend of the show Eddie Lack, to guys like Tom “Top Six” Sestito, Kevin Bieksa, Zach Kassian, and of course Torts. His time in Vancouver is brief but so so memorable.

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