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Markstrom Mania, Defensive Issues & Ryan Reaves talk (feat. Rick Dhaliwal) | Dude, Where’s My Towel

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Here’s what happened on Power of the Towel with Nick Bondi last week.

Alex Edler: grey-bearded stud.
Getty Images/Nick Bondi

What a roller coaster ride over the past couple of weeks.

Two weeks ago, the Canucks were tied with the St. Louis Blues 2-2 and there were some serious question marks as to if they were going to win the series. I wrote that I was done with Jake Virtanen and that he wasn’t going to amount to shit.

Well, credit to the team and especially Travis Green for making the necessary adjustments. O’Reilly was still a threat, but he wasn’t the dominant force he was in game 3 and 4. Jake Virtanen scored. And even after a brutal 5-0 loss against Vegas, they were able to adjust and take the next game and even the series up.

I think that’s been the most impressive thing about this entire run for this team. They’ve been able to bounce back and adjust just when things look bleak. They did it after Game 1 against Minnesota, after Game 4 against St. Louis, and most recently after Game 1 against Vegas.

I don’t know if they can pull off the upset against a loaded Golden Knights team, especially with the series now 3-1, but I’m confident that Travis Green and the coaching staff can make the necessary adjustments to make this a close series.

We talk about this and a lot more with Rick Dhaliwal of TSN 1040, someone I’d wanted to have on my podcast for a very long time.

Does the House always win?

You heard it from Rick Dhaliwal.

Vegas is fast, deep, and skilled.

It’s going to be a tough battle. But the Canucks gameplan is clear. Hope Jacob Markstrom has a really strong game, making 30 plus saves. Win the special teams battle by getting a power-play goal or two, and being good on the penalty. Get some five on five brilliance from the likes of Elias Pettersson/Quinn Hughes/ J.T. Miller/Bo Horvat/Brock Boeser — and maybe now Tyler Toffoli.

As we like to say on this network, we don’t care if the Canucks are outshot or outshot attempted at this point. We just want them to do one thing. Just win, baby.

Ryan Reaves Talk

Can Sportsnet please chill with all the Ryan Reaves talk?

In Game 1, he played around 13 minutes and had one shot on goal. Game 2, 8:36 and one shot on goal.

No doubt he has a big physical presence. But you know who I’m really scared of?

Mark Stone. Max Pacioretty. Reilly Smith. Jonathan Marchessault.

Ryan Reaves will only be a story for the Canucks if they make it one. Until that happens, don’t worry about him. The Canucks have different priorities to worry about.

Defence Woes

One issue that is apparent so far in the Vegas series is defence will be an issue

Tyler Myers may not seem like a big loss in a vacuum. But the loss of Myers has forced some defencemen like Alex Edler to play maybe a few more minutes than he should. Edler isn’t the quickest player anymore. He can’t handle the fast, vicious forecheck of Vegas and has to take penalties as a result.

It would be a lie to say Myers is a disciplined defenceman. But a return of Tyler Myers would allow someone like Edler to play fewer minutes, which might help the Canucks overall.