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Gamethread : Canucks vs Vegas Western Conference Semi-Final Game 4

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Canucks need a game 4 win.

Vegas Golden Knights v Vancouver Canucks - Game Four Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

“To score or not to score, that is the question.” ~ William Shakespeare

Let’s hope the Canucks pick the former in this game. Game 3 was lost in the first 10 minutes, so the Nucks might want to get a goal early and then add 3 more just to crush the Golden Knights spirits.

“The Canucks winning is better than steak night.” ~ Westy

It’s true. Unless it’s not hockey season, then steak night is pretty damn good. But it is hockey season, so winning tonight is almost mandatory so I don’t have to read a billion 3-1 series comeback articles.

Spoiler: The Canucks have done it 3 times in their history.

So let’s keep this nice and simple. Just win.

Go Canucks Go!