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Three Line-Up Changes the Canucks Should Consider for Game Two | The Quickie Podcast

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It was a brutal Game One performance for Vancouver. You know what that means? Rosterbation time.

Edmonton Oilers v Vancouver Canucks
Jake Virtanen #18 of the Vancouver Canucks congratulates teammate Brock Boeser #6 during their NHL game against the Edmonton Oilers at Rogers Arena December 17, 2018 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver won 4-2.
Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

Summer hockey, gotta love it.

While the Canucks first meaningful hockey game didn’t go as planned, it’s great to see hockey back regardless.

Here are some of The Quickie podcasts from the last few days, including today’s Quickie on suggested line-up changes for the Canucks.

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We’ve been saying for months here on the Nucks Misconduct Network.




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Sometimes, it’s okay to feel good after a loss.

The Canucks had reasons to be optimistic after their loss to Winnipeg. Last night though, that was a different story...

3 Line-Up Changes the Canucks Should Consider

You have to believe that Travis Green is going to make some changes prior to

I talk about three line-up changes I would make for Game Two, featuring Tyler Myers, Brock Boeser and of course, Jake Virtanen.