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Gamethread: Canucks vs Golden Knights Western Conference Semi-Final Game 2

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Canucks look to find their scoring touch to tie the series

Vancouver Canucks v Vegas Golden Knights - Game One Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

If this were a regular year, the story line would be the Canucks trying to win one on the road before heading back to Vancouver, but since all games are in the bubble...

The Canucks were dominated in most aspects of game one. (Insert reason here) Hopefully Green and Co. have spent some time in front of the screen and found some weakness in the Vegas system. One thing that would make life easier for the Canucks is to stay out of the penalty box. The Golden Knights PP moves the puck faster and gets bodies in front. (take note Newell)

I look forward to seeing what Travis has planned tonight. The Canucks better take advantage of any Vegas mistakes tonight because.

Go Canucks Go!