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Gamethread: Canucks vs Vegas Western Conference Semi-Final Game 1

The Canucks meet the Golden Knights for the 1st time ever in the playoffs.

Vancouver Canucks v St Louis Blues - Game Five Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

And so begins a first for the Canucks. This game marks the first meeting for the Nucks and Golden Knights in the postseason. This is the first time the Canucks have been in the conference semi-finals since 2011.

I surely didn’t have this team going this far in the playoffs, so for me to make any predictions about how these games will go is ludicrous. But I will tell you some things that need to happen for the Canucks to succeed.

1. 4 lines are going to have to playing well because Vegas will role 4 lines that look to score and hit.

2. The PP is going to have to wake up again. The Canucks had 2 really good games with the man advantage and then not so much. Travis Green did some fine line changes 5 on 5, but the PP will have to able to adjust if it gets shut down in game 1.

3. Brock Boeser has to show up.

4. Injuries have to disappear. A brutal every other day game schedule during this bubble will have it’s toll on every team, but the Canucks need Toffoli and Myers back, because the injury fairies are always looking for their next victim.

I have no idea what to expect tonight, but it would be nice to have the team pressure from the start and make sure they don’t let in that last minute soft goal.

Let’s all sit down tonight and watch this team with some joy in our hearts that the Canucks are the last team in Canada playing. That doesn’t make us Canada’s team, but a team that will take all the support it can from people around the world.

Go Canucks Go!