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Gamethread: Canucks vs Wild Game 1 Play In!!!

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It has begun! Canucks trying to move ahead into the playoffs.

New York Islanders v Vancouver Canucks

Here we go everyone.

The Canucks are playing hockey in August. Wait....what? And they have a chance to win the Stanley Cup. Back the fuck up.....really? YESSSSSSS!!!!

I will say upfront that I chose Minnesota in the roundtable. I’m sorry, but I have this sad feeling in my gut that this young team (and overweight contracts) will try their best, but find a way to lose. Now prove me wrong dammit.

There are so many ways this Canucks team can win. I agree with Roussel, that at every position the Canucks have the better player. Now these players have to play as a team. That’s a hard thing for Green to teach. The players have to create that.

Some are looking at Petey to carry this team or Marky to shut the door, but not me. I’m looking at you Bo Horvat. You need to set the tone and play physically to get some of the others going, like Jake and Ferland.

The key to the Canucks winning this game and series is simple.

1) The Canucks need to play better 5 on 5. Scoring at even strength really demoralizes other teams and it takes pressure off the special teams.

2) The bottom lines have to play better. I wish they would score, but as long as they keep the other team off the board, I’m happy.

3) Marky will have to steal a game.

4) Alex Edler will have to be the man. Some of you will say that Quinn is the key, but in playoff hockey, the Nucks need Special Ed to be that strong presence in front of the net.

Notice that I haven’t mentioned the Wild. I won’t. I think the Canucks can win this series in three if the team finds their groove.

Now they have to do it. It’s time.

If this guy is right, he should give out free beer.

Go Canucks Go!