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Gamethread: Canucks vs Blues Game 4 Western Conference Quarter Final

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Canucks look to rebound in quick fashion.

St Louis Blues v Vancouver Canucks - Game Three Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Are you tired from last night’s game? Imagine the Canucks then. After getting out-skated yesterday, they have to come come right back out tonight and find their legs quickly against a highly motivated Blues team. Now you can say the Canucks are highly motivated as well, but the expectations of the Blues to get back to the Finals was there from the start of the season. Some would say the Canucks might be happy just taking two games from the Blues, but I don’t think that’s the case. Unfortunately, the Canucks now have to find a gear that they have never have had.

This game is why making the playoffs was more important than the lottery. The young Canucks team is now getting valuable experience that will help them for years to come. This series is the tryout for the short offseason and the moves GMJB will make to get this team farther. Players like Jake, Motte, Oscar, and Stetch all want to impress so they have a place with the team next year. This game is the time for them to show their value.

Just like after the first loss to Minnesota, the Canucks are going to have to score early and be better 5 on 5 against the Blues to stop any momentum that team feels they have.

I am!

Go Canucks Go!