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Gamethread: Canucks vs Blues Game 1 Western Conference quarter-finals

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Playoffs for the Canucks? Don’t mind at all.

Vancouver Canucks v St Louis Blues

Before the game starts, take a moment and call a friend who is a Leafs fan and remind them that their team sucks and have cap issues.

Now let’s focus on a Canucks team that played two really good games, one bad game and another that was closer than it should have been. This team has to play the defending Stanley Cup champions. No worries. If there was such a thing as an underdog, it would be this team. The Canucks didn’t shy away from contact in the last series, which is the mentality they will need against St Louis, which has some big bodies and feisty guys like David Perron.

Keys to beating St Louis:

  1. The Canucks (eh em...Myers) need to stay out of the penalty box.
  2. Tarasenko needs to be shadowed. Even though he didn’t play well in the 3 round-robin games, he is the type of guy that can takeover when he feels good.
  3. Don’t get suckered into shenanigans by Perron.
  4. Shoot high on Bennington and get bodies screening him.
  5. Loui has to score. (It’s a dream...but the second line needs more than Pearson firing shots)
  6. Soft goals thanks you.

5 out of 6 need to happen.

I will say this. The series will either go 4 or 7. No in between....just like my love of rum

I feel you.

Go Canucks Go!