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Wake With Elias: Listen to Bonnie & Medium Draft Lottery Chaos

Been a while since we at Nucks Misconduct gave a shout out to Bonnie Henry.

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at Vancouver Canucks
Vancouver Canucks fan dressed for Halloween watches the game as the Vancouver Canucks host the Chicago Blackhawks during the first period at Rogers Arena. Mandatory Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

One more sleep until playoff hockey everyone.

Aside from the 27 fans in Arizona, no one currently in the dance has waited longer for their team to play a playoff game.

Personally for me, my wife and I didn’t even live together last time the Canucks were in the playoffs. Now, we’re married and expecting our first child in October.

How has your life changed since the last time the Canucks played a playoff game?

Canucks News

  • Just in case you forgot, we are still in a pandemic. Yes, I know, I’m not talking to you directly, but I know you’d be lying to me if you said you didn’t have that one friend of your life who seemingly doesn’t care about social distancing anymore.

Don’t be that person. Listen to Bonnie. [Daily Hive]

NHL News

  • In yesterday’s draft lottery, there was only medium chaos with the New York Rangers landing the first overall pick.

On the one hand, the Rangers already got their stroke of luck last year, jumping up to #2 overall to select Kappo Kakko. Not to mention, they had Artemi Panarin fall into their lap since the Hart Trophy nominee had his heart set on landing there.

To play devil’s advocate. The Rangers have been managed well by Jeff Gorton, and they are a less chaotic destination than Toronto, Pittsburgh, or Edmonton.

Also, this would be a funny story line.

This would also be intriguing, with scout Cam Robinson ranking Quinton Byfield ahead of Alexis Lafreniere.

  • Will any of the three remaining Canadian teams keep Canada’s Cup hopes alive? Perhaps a better question is, does that matter to you? [TSN]
  • Playoff storylines? Playoff storylines. [NHL]
  • Finally, a look at the current TV schedule for the playoffs. [Sporting News]