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The Pre-Series Pulse of the Pundits

What is the hockey media saying as the Canucks and Blues get ready to do battle?

St Louis Blues v Vancouver Canucks

For the first time in 9 years, there was pure jubilation following a Canucks victory. No, it wasn’t Lord Stanley’s mug, instead it was Vancouver’s first ever qualifying round win.

A toothless Chris Tanev’s shot-heard-round’ Vancouver and the Dallas Stars’ late comeback over St. Louis has set-up a first round battle between the Canucks and the defending champion Blues.

It’s the young, up-and-coming Vancouver Canucks against the veteran champion Blues. Needless to say, it’s one of the more intriguing matchups of the First Round.

That intrigue has carried over to the two fanbases. Let’s take a look at what the fanatics of the Vancouver and St. Louis hockey clubs are saying as we await Wednesday night.

First, here’s a poll from Matt Sekeres from TSN 1040. Clearly there’s some belief in Canuck Nation:

Then there’s this take from Greg Wyshynski, ESPN’s top hockey writer. Very interesting:

You might be wondering also, how many times have the Canucks played a defending Stanley Cup champion in the playoffs. Here’s your answer from the great Don Taylor:

And then you might ask, how many times have the Canucks played the Blues in the playoffs and how have they fared in those matchups? Fear not, voice of the Canucks Brendan Batchelor has your answer:

Ooof. Easy to get optimistic after seeing those numbers. Even easier to get optimistic when seeing this particular statistic from Harman Dayal of The Athletic:

Wow. I’m not even going out of my way for these clippings on Twitter, these stats and takes just seem to all paint the Canucks in a flattering light. However, the Canucks will have to make some history against the Blues if they want to put the makings of a serious playoff run together:

TSN’s Jason Brough is right. Vancouver has never really upset anyone in the playoffs that I can remember. In fact, they haven’t been the underdog going into a series since the second time they played Chicago back in 2010.

These words are all very intriguing to break down and talk about. As we all know though, they will mean nothing when the puck drops in Edmonton on Wednesday night. Official playoff hockey is back in Vancouver, and it feels so good. Get hyped, Canucks fans.