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Never Missing Naslund | Sippin’ On A Coffee

Or did we?

Fruit is in my cup cause I can’t steep for sh*t.

Good morning and here’s hoping that your Monday doesn’t suck. Oh, because sucking absolutely does suck.


So don’t f*ck your Monday up. Momentum it can really be at your disposal for an unknown amount of time and we need that flame to be lit. Yes that flame. Listen to this something named Epictetus, “Protect your own good in all that you do, and as concerns everything else take what is given as far as you can make reasoned use of it. If you don’t, you’ll be unlucky, prone to failure, hindered and stymied.”

Thanks Epictetus and thank you for doing whatever you have to do today, to make sure you don’t f*ck tomorrow up.

Ah-ha, what a start. This is what happens when you replace the unbothered cup of Joe with whatever this is from David’s Tea. I’m drinking some raisins and nuts. I think I see a flower in here to.

It is what it is my friends, it is what it is.

Imitate. Imitate.

I do believe social justice would love clean on some blue and green.

That was different

Imagine landing back into orbit after a 5 month adventure to that spot in Saturn only to learn that your city’s hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks didn’t break the bank for once at the NHL outlet on July 1st 2020.

Well, for Mrs. Naidu that knowledge was exactly what she wanted to hear after what was a ruckus of a voyage on the SS-Burnaby X2000. The same spaceship where they forgot to install a Wi-Fi enabled router. There Naidu was, millions of miles away I think, with no connection to our world and most importantly her hockey team, spending her time gazing at the miraculous thinking about a frenzy that was not very personal.

“I mean, it is due in large part to the stench that is COVID but it won’t stop me from saying that this is the most content start of a July in quite sometime for my spirit.”

I’m assuming the same can be said about Mr. Bert Hutt.

Missing Naslund?

Eh, why didn’t @kylebhawan miss Markus Naslund?

Wasn’t he the reason, yes the reason a lot of us became close observers to the game we love. You could even level it up and say Nazzy helped you connect to Vancouver, your home more.

Yet there he was signing with the New York Rangers and there I was clearly not giving one f*ck.

Does that make me selfish? Or someone who just lacks the memory of that moment way back when. It just has me thinking about the overall connection between a fan and a player. A somewhat irrelevant train of thought but one that has me attempting to connect some dots.

Yes, the captain of your Vancouver Canucks circa the fourth greatest era of franchise history didn’t bring home a Cup. Heck, he didn’t even bring much of any hockey in the latter parts of May to our masses. But he still razzled and dazzled his way into our imaginations. That’s worth something.

Right? Ahh, who knows.

This world of sports I tell yeah.

Still want to lose to Fentonsota?

Then listen to this.

Let me find an answer to this...

How are we different than the rest?

Find out next time on Sippin’ On A Coffee.

Yes, please excuse yourself

Yes, please do.

Tony & The Great Guys

In all honesty, there really isn’t much for me to do here.

Or failure seems more appealing at the moment.

Anyways we could ramble and trust me, this Findu enjoys a ramble. Yet here I am struggling to put together any sort of cohesiveness. Even the kind that is fake & plentiful.

So let me guide you to what was exactly what this city needed.

We appreciate the listen.

Tony G is a G*

In the words of Teshalé, do better.

I learned how to walk from that city you choose to connect to that handle and buffoonery, especially that of which is unnecessary is a waste of sight.

Tony Gallagher is one of the city’s gifts. Let’s be real and let’s be honest. Any market of any kind would be fortunate to have that voice, that vocabulary, and that cadence be apart of the conversation.

Any market.

Congrats on the nod.

Nothing new

In fact, the tweet is somewhat dusty.

Oh would you look at that

According to this tweet, local celebrity Jake Virtanen is out here making a difference in his own community.