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Boeser Rumours and a Trevor Linden Update (feat. Matt Sekeres) | Dude, Where’s My Towel?

The latest episode of the Power of the Towel podcast is out now.

By the time you read this blog next week, the Canucks will have played the first two games of their Play-In Series against the Wild.

This is probably — no, definitely — the most broken down series pre puck drop in Canucks history. We’ve been talking about line combos, match-ups, goaltending, and every angle possible for close to two months now so I am personally excited to finally watch some Canucks playoff/play-in hockey.

And who better to help preview this one last time than Matt Sekeres, long time radio host on TSN 1040. We talked about the series, and much much more.

My totally correct prediction for the series

The basic, dumb sports fan in me says the Canucks have the better forward depth, and easily the better goaltending and that will be enough to win the series. Of course, I’ll concede that the Wild have a better defence.

Both teams have about the same amount of playoff experience (if you put any stock in that) but I think the most important factor is how players will take to the ice and style of games that will be played.

If games are sloppy and teams are trading chances back and forth, that clearly favours Vancouver. That’s how they played for the most part during the regular season, and their top six can feast in that style.

If it’s tight checking and chances are limited, that favours the Wild. Their defence and the structure I’m sure Dean Evason will put in place could make them tough to break down, ESPECIALLY if they get the first goal. Get ready to see some Jacques Lemaire trap style hockey if that happens.

But as Matt Sekeres and I talked about, we’ve never seen anything like this in hockey before. How have players used their time off? How will that affect them? All valid questions before games begin in earnest, for all teams.

How can I go against the Canucks in this series, seeing as we’ve been hyping up the #EmbraceTheFake movement for over a month now? I’m going Canucks in 4.

Trevor Linden Update

‘Memba Trevor Linden?

‘Memba when he was in charge of the Vancouver Canucks?

It’s been just over 2 years since one of the most beloved Canucks ever stepped down from his position as President. There have been rumours since, but Trevor has yet to speak on his departure.

The official party line seems to be that it was an amicable departure, but was it really? Was there a potential non-disclosure agreement he signed preventing him from telling his side of the story?

Who better to discuss this with than with someone who’s done some great reporting on this subject than Matt Sekeres.

Haters Gonna Hate

Of course, Matt Sekeres and I talked about the Brock Boeser rumours but one of the best moments was when I brought up the people who disagreed with the timing.

That seemed to be one of the big criticisms after he dropped that bomb a couple of weeks ago. Who cares about this stuff now, the decision won’t be made until at least October?

Here’s the thing — Matt Sekeres is a Capital J Journalist. He doesn’t, and should not care about the timing of his story. It’s not his concern how this affects the Canucks in terms of public perception, nor should he.

Will the Canucks show the same potential reverence in terms of holding off the news to help him? Doubt it.

Don’t be upset at Matt because you didn’t like the potential of a Brock Boeser trade.