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Gamethread: Canucks vs Jets

This one and only “preseason game?” for the Nucks.

Florida Panthers v Vancouver Canucks

Four months is a long time. We, as Canucks fans should be used to long breaks between seasons, but not in the middle of the season. The debate on whether the Canucks would have been a playoff team will be decide against Minnesota. But first the Canucks need to see if they can find their game legs.

The schedule maker, with their one decision, did a good thing for the Canucks and have them facing the Jets. The Canucks have not had any good luck against Winnipeg in recent years. I’m sorry, that was an understatement as the Nucks are 1-13 against the Jets in the past 5 years. I know this is a mean nothing game, but it does mean something to some players who really want to play, Michael Ferland. A healthy, hard hitting Ferland would be nice to have against Minnesota.

Winnipeg has this year’s Vezina winner.....I am calling it....Connor Hellebuyck. The Canucks need to work on getting lots of shots off and then get to the net for a rebound. The Jets are a big team that can also skate, so the Nucks forwards really have to focus on coming back and playing defense. This aspect of the Canucks will be the key to this team winning any playoff series. Hopefully with playoff vets like Toffoli, Pearson and Miller, this young team can adapt to playoff hockey quickly.

Sit back, grab a drink and watch some Canucks hockey.

Go Coconuts Go!