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Wake With Elias- July 27, 2020: Locked In And Ready For Launch

The 24 teams are in their respective bubbles as the NHL’s Return To Play plan heads to it’s next phase, with exhibition games beginning Tuesday.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Minnesota Wild David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

With the 24 NHL post-season teams now inside the bubble zones for the Eastern and Western Conferences in Toronto and Edmonton, they now prepare for a series of exhibition games starting Tuesday. The Canucks will take on the Winnipeg Jets Wednesday night, as they prepare for their best of 5 series against the Minnesota Wild.

With these unique circumstances, it’s required the NHL to rethink the way the game is presented, which is going to see some pretty neat changes to the broadcasts...

Now, this could all unravel quickly with any sort of outbreak. And we’re going to see just how bad this could get as we watch the unfolding situation in MLB this morning:

This is bad, and if it’s spread to other teams (you know, like the one the Marlins played LAST NIGHT, despite cases already having been confirmed a couple days ago), it could see their whole plan come to a screeching halt.

Meanwhile, the Canucks opponent in this tournament are getting a prized prospect added to their roster:

And speaking of prospects, the Canucks have loaned Nils Hoglander to his SHL squad:

While today’s NHL continually frowns on players showing even a hint of personality and flair, they said goodbye yesterday to one of the all-time greats in terms of being colourful and a must watch everytime he was on the ice, the one and only Eddie Shack.

NHL Network was showing Quinn Hughes a little love:

And in case you missed it yesterday, these are the bubble boys for the Canucks:

Being apart from their families until possibly October could be tough, so the NHL is trying to cushion the blow with some nice personal touches:

And while there’s a lot of things that appear to be going well, there’s a garbage fire in the desert after yesterday’s debacle with the resignation of GM John Chayka:

Now, compare that in tone to Chayka’s statement:

It will take a while for the dust to settle, and when it does we’ll find out more about the how and why all this went down, but it’s another ugly chapter in the prize jewel of Gary Bettman’s ‘Growing The Game’ legacy.

JPat was on TSN1040 this morning talking about Micheal Ferland: