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West Coast Express Revenge Tour 2020 | Sippin’ On A Coffee

The Canucks lost to Brad Bombardier and the Minnesota Wild. Never forget.

I ditched the coffee for some of that green tea and continue to dig myself deeper in the world of marketing.

This display of going with the flow has brought you and I to 2003. Yes, that time in life where a Kangaroo named Jack learned how to talk. Also that time in life when Todd Bertuzzi, fresh off what was a top five Canucks regular season of all-time, prematurely celebrated a second round victory over the awful yet better than his team packed with unmanifested* dreams, Minnesota Wild.

Even Todd’s famous words fail to bring validation for the what should of been.

But before we do so...

A number of present moments have a bit of worthiness.

First, welcome to our cousin Kraken from Seattle.

I hate you.

Kyle Bhawan,

Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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Favorite Pokemon?


Much Love

That being said Seattle, @kylebhawan still does hate you.

Sports eh, well they have taught me to still respect those you hate. It creates that, uhhh, help me out here, green tea?

Ah, yes. “Balance.”

We will never really click yet I appreciate you for making me think even more with that bag of real change.

F*ck Seattle


Look In The Mirror

Dear British Columbia,

Our summer won’t resemble the ones of years past.

It won’t because it can’t.

Was this a...

Drum Festival or a reunion for that High-School you send your offspring to if they excel in rhythm & vibes. The failed evolution of that one genre with more blue.

You all must know each other to be this close on beach during *cough* a pandemic.

The above is true or this was simply a Florida inspired event. Nonetheless, this has lead me to say for the first time,

F*ck Vancouver man.

Read into it

This display of pure want captured by Great Guy Faber is the [Enter Fancy Drance Word] of why Vancouver is so damn fortunate to have Elias Pettersson call your city home for the foreseeable future.

Now without the ability to purchase the ingredients for luck and guarantee, the sophomore phenom’s will to excel and learn is beyond good enough to tell the city that your Vancouver Canucks will be competitive for years to come.

How could they not be?

The tone has been set by the hardest working employee in the organization when it really didn’t have to be done so early in the young Swede’s career. Second year players don’t have to be equipped with an infinite amount of competitive spirit. Most notably, players with that much raw talent and synchronicity with his craft don’t have to perform at 110% every time they step on the ice. Those same players could take nights off and still hold value in the pursuit for a win.

Well I guess he just isn’t one of the same players. He’s just unique. An individual who will never be at his best because he simply won’t stop searching to get better.

Sorry Shorthouse but...

I ain’t mad.

For years I’ve demanded the people at Rogers Communications to stop playing jokes with our city and deliver us the duo we love during these moments of importance. Yet week after week, in most part our eyes and ears have been treated to unwanted sounds.


Cause the east really doesn’t care about the west.

That being said, they sort of did get it right this time. With the Stanley Cup qualifiers around the corner, those who get annoyed easily were preparing for a Dave Randorf lead commentary team voicing the series between the Wild and your Vancouver Canucks. A familiar scenario for when the city’s franchise plays on the main stage a.k.a. Saturday nights.

The suits in the media giant’s boardroom wouldn’t allow one of its most valuable sources of viewership to have the game brought to them by two consistent favorites, John Shorthouse and John “Cheech” Garrett. It never made sense and will continue to happen.

Just as it is when the dance we’ve been patient for begins next week but as I said earlier, I ain’t mad. This is due in large part that legend Chris Cuthbert will lead the call for that series you can’t wait for.

We’ll take it.

The West Coast Express Revenge Tour

My fingers hurt.

For a trip down memory lane, click the link below.

Warning: That same click will lead you to learn about the roster of that ‘03 Wild team that took out one of the more entertaining teams to never get the job done. It will cause harm.


Justice for Breonna Taylor