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Quinn Hughes puns just took over Twitter and it’s glorious

A story about Quinn Hughes. That’s Quinn News.

Vancouver Canucks v New York Islanders
Quinn Hughes #43 of the Vancouver Canucks celebrates his game winning goal in overtime against the New York Islanders at Barclays Center on February 01, 2020 in New York City.
Photo by Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images

Is there ever a bad time for Quinn Hughes to be trending on Twitter?

That’s just reason #2,473 why Quinn Hughes is adored in this market.

The unassuming Canucks rookie defenceman is having an All-Star calibre season, one which saw him help transform the outlook of this team with his ridiculous skating and playmaking ability from the back-end.

Hughes registered 53 points during the regular season, which led all rookies. That made him only the third defenceman in the modern era to lead rookies in scoring by the end of the season.

Canucks nation now anxiously awaits to see what Quinn Hughes will do as an encore in the play-in round against the Minnesota Wild.

While we’re just a week away from that now, the Twitterverse delivered an unexpected gift this week with a barrage of Quinn Hughes puns flooding the website.

Twitter certainly has good and bad moments, but this is one gift that should bring a smile to your face.

First off, a nod to the dude who got this all started.

After that, the virtual ball was rolling.

Some great humor so far, but this one went too far...

That’s just too dark. There’s no chance that the Canucks would ever trade the best defenceman in club history. Even the thought of that is depressing.

Back to some more of the good stuff.

The effort in this tweet was, well, something else.

For some, this really was more stressful than enjoyable.

Okay this is just getting nasty.

And one for the stragglers on Team Tank to finish things off.

This was just a slice of the Quinn Hughes pun pie, as hundreds of puns bombarded Twitter over the past 24 hours.

What’s your best Quinn Hughes pun? Do you have one that wasn’t mentioned here?

Feel free leave your best pun in the comments, or just sit back, scroll through these Quinn Hughes puns, and enjoy the Quinn Views.