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Team Chaos scores a victory (feat. Rob Fai) | Dude Where’s My Towel

Jake Virtanen
Jake Virtanen has a knack for making noise in the City of Vancouver.

The latest episode of Power Of The Towel was a “banger” as the kids would say. Yes, I said Power Of The Towel because we’re in Phase 3 here in the great province of British Columbia. The weather is nice, we can go outside, and you probably aren’t’ dousing yourself in Purell as you were back in March.

Plus I realized it wasn’t a good idea for my personal #brand to keep it changed to a joke about hand sanitizer.

NHL Draft Lottery

Team Chaos scored a victory last Friday night.

It’s all I wanted before the lottery — a team yet to be determined to win the draft lottery and throwing everything into chaos. As of right now, the NHL has no scheduled games, no place to play their unscheduled games, and no official winner of the draft lottery. Very 2020 if you ask me.

Would I love for the Canucks to draft Alexis Lafreniere? Absolutely. It would make an already very good top-six forward group that much better. It would potentially allow some flexibility with roster construction going forward, as a flat cap might force Jim Benning to make some tough decisions.

But what about the history of the Vancouver Canucks tells you that they will get all the bounces necessary to make it happen. They’ve already got a big one with a placeholder team winning the lottery. They’ll need to get upset by the Wild, and then get the bounces in the lottery balls afterwards.

Haven’t we been through this before Vancouver? The heartbreak when the lottery balls don’t go your way. I know I don’t want to get hurt again.

But hey, respect to all the dreamers out there who dream of a potential Canucks dynasty. I don’t think I will ever see that in my lifetime, but keep dreaming for the rest of us.

Ain’t Nuthin’ But A B Thang

Shoutout to Bonnie Henry, an absolute baller for all of us here in BC.

She basically told Gary Bettman to go f*** himself when the NHL’s restart plan wasn’t good enough for her and the provincial government. And anyone who tells Gary Bettman what’s what should have the ultimate respect from Canucks fans.

The hold up seemed to be whether people who weren’t positive but were in close contact with people who did test positive were allowed to come and go out of the bubble. If that is true, I think we can probably all agree they made the right call.

At the time of typing, Edmonton and Toronto look like there going to be the hub cities for the NHL. Hope the players like the West Edmonton Mall!

Think I’m joking about Edmonton??

Do Not Order This Drink

Fun fact: Rob Fai used to be a bartender. And the worst drink apparently to order at a bar (whenever we can get back to those) is a Flaming Lamborghini.

A Flaming Lamborghini? Is it anything like a Flaming Moe?

Oh Canada

Although when you’re reading this it isn’t Canada Day, I’m writing it on the day this country was officially founded. My personal mission every Canada Day is to listen to as many Canadian artists as I can, so here’s a few of my favourites from all genres.