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Hashtag Leave Jake Alone | Sippin’ On A Coffee

No more Mr. Not Nice Guy

Green tea. That’s it. That is the intro.

It is what it is.

Nice @kylebhawan’s finish....

Were about to find out.

To say life is bizarre and have it be true is actually bizarre. 2020 has been the dumbest year of all time. Ironically, it is also the most aware year of all time. Oh, did I say all time. I meant my time.

Nonetheless this unfortunate bizarrd* has lead to the realization that I am not my old self and it may end any potential leads in this career I own. Ah-ha, what a time to be me but most importantly, what a time to be you.

Everyone's going through somethings. Yes, I said somethings.

And right now one of them aka the most unimportant of those somethings revolves around not having the heart or the balls to look the other way with your, yes your Vancouver Canucks.

What way you ask? The highway.

And if my fingers are telling my story than let it be know that for once and maybe for only this one time, these athletes are really human. They really do have families they eat breakfast with, really have dogs at home who need to be walked and are really about to do a lot of entertaining for my people.

And entertainment is important right?

We are about to find out.

At any rate, I will use this now known fact to fuel what is to become @kylebhawan The nice sports guy who’s never been the nice sports guy.

What a time to be alive.

* Why not make up words

My now biggest fear



I said it 81 minutes ago and I’ll say it again.

After the start he had in 2020, you know the one involving a public display of embarrassment dished out by Travis Green. This lead to humans without a sense of optimism believing Benning’s first ever selection, was indeed doomed. There he was showing up to camp unaware of how important this campaign was.

Yet, somehow, someway, the one known as either #shotgunjake, big country, or tuna found success through a fury of jabs, haymakers and “blunders”.

Yes you heard that right. Success.

Jake Virtanen proved a lot of people wrong by showcasing that he could be an everyday NHL’er let a potential 20 goal scorer. It was a step in the right direction for the Abbotsford native who before was better known for moon-walking.

This is not to say Jake’s made it. We’ve seen this not happen. You know what I mean? An athlete...I mean a human, with all the tools to be excelling in her or his business having one above average year sandwiched in between bleh tasting wonder bread.

That being said, Jake did it for Vancouver this season. The same season that’s still alive yet still in close reach to it’s custom made death bed. Let's make things clear, the NHL is back not because COVID left. The NHL is back because humans are f*cked up.

And humans need entertainment like they need water? Ah-ah, it’s like water I tell yea.

To put a vote to a word spelled N-O actually feels gross at these times even with the logic us sports commentators, paid or unpaid have. Yes, questions similar to the one below hold weight beyond its initial stench due to flat caps and bogus contracts. Hence, deserving a reaction.

With that being said, can we all just sip some green tea and let them just play-in to things first during what is still, yes still a pandemic.

Is it just the green tea?

That and Nikita’s favorite.

It’s also an....

Example of wishing you asked for something else.

You can blame me for the cap problems due to the fact that there have been many moments where I unconsciously looked to the universe to answer a dumb request.

Please take away Jim Benning’s wallet one off season.

You can’t have it all my friends.

Still @kylebhawan

I don’t know what to do with this one.

Best of luck...but....

It is what it is.