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Biggest question facing each NHL team: Round Robin Edition | Silky N’ Filthy podcast

Let’s be real, your favourite round robin team sucks.

Minnesota Wild v Vancouver Canucks
What’s the biggest question you have about the Canucks prior to the playoffs?
Getty Images

Do you want to know why your favourite NHL team sucks?

Because they’re not one of the eight best teams in hockey.

Unless your the Pittsburgh Penguins, it’s evident that the other 15 teams vying for a playoff spot have some pretty noticeable flaws on their roster.

So, what’s each team’s biggest kryptonite?

Kyle Bhawan and I discuss that on the latest episode of Silky N’ Filthy as we look at the biggest question facing every NHL team in the Round Robin.

Except for the Florida Panthers...however, could we actually be vouching for a Panthers, Coyotes Cup Final?

Find out by tuning in to the latest episode of Silky N’ Filthy: Your home for Puck Talk and, of course, some bullshit.