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Jeff Paterson breaks down trading The Flow and that other Canucks Podcast... | Dude Where’s My Towel

Also, we have a verdict on the Jake Virtanen dilemma.

This week on Dude Where’s My Towel, the written breakdown of the Power Of The Towel podcast, I had the chance to interview someone who has been covering the Canucks ever since I became a fan. Yes, none other than Jeff Paterson of TSN 1040 and The Vancast.

It was a great conversation, and I encourage everyone to give it a listen. I mean, that’s why I’m writing this thing, isn’t it?

Say it ain’t Flow

Matt Sekeres of TSN 1040 dropped an atomic bomb on the city last Friday when he said the Canucks have explored the possibility of trading Brock Boeser

It’s certainly an intriguing proposition. The Canucks need to upgrade their defence badly, and Boeser is one of a few pieces that can potentially get you a stud right-handed defencemen.

And let’s be clear — this rumour probably has some legs to it. Jim Benning and company have a history of telegraphing their moves. Think back to last year and Tyler Myers. Everyone and their dog knew by July 1 that the Canucks were going to sign him, it was a question of how much and for how long.

If you’re going to trade Brock Boeser, it has to be for a cost-controlled right side defenceman. Otherwise, you have to look at other options. You just have to.

Jeff Paterson and I got into quite a discussion about it on the podcast. Make sure to listen to the full interview for his breakdown.


I would be remiss if I didn’t ask JPat about the late Jason Botchford.

The man was able to do something no one had done before him and frankly, no one has done since — put together a compelling post-game column that was must read and drove the narratives surrounding the team like nothing else.

I interacted with him on Twitter and was obviously a fan of his work, but didn’t have a close relationship with him that JPat had.

As I mention in the clip below, you can draw a direct line between the boom of Canucks podcast recently and the success and influence the original Patcast had.

The Verdict Is In

JPat and Thomas Drance have their own bet on the Vancast, but we have one here as well. One with some serious stakes.

Kyle Bhawan, the man behind Sippin’ On A 40, Sippin’ On A Coffee, and the co-host of Silky N’ Filthy, said that he will shotgun three tall cans of beer if Jake Virtanen ever scored 20 goals in a season.

He had 18 when the season was put on pause, and it’s been a constant source of between the Nucks Misconduct podcasters. Would 2 goals in the play-in round for Shotgun Jake count as a 20 goals season.

Well, we have our answer thanks to JPat. Sorry Kyle, no way to get out of this one.