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Embrace The Madness & Bye Bye Nikita | Sippin’ On A Coffee

This is Vancouver, baby.

This Vancouver Canucks read is probably going to be perfect, if not a little maddening.

I mean Todd Bertuzzi was right, this is a hockey mad market.

But you know what Big Bert would say?

It is what it is.

I’d sign up for it

What’s that saying? You better buckle down billy? Oh, no no no, I meant you better watch what you wish for.

Look, by no means am I saying @kylebhawan would welcome scrutiny and a potential change of address into that 2020 bubble of his. All that would do is suck an unknown amount of focus and we all know in the most important of cases that’s all we got.

But if I were to let’s say be drafted in the first round into the company known as the Vancouver Canucks. I’d somehow, someway, in some fashion find a way to be immune to the noise.

How you ask? Self-help.

  • I’d purchase 3 boradors from a local breeder in Abbotsford to raise as companions. If you do the math and understand the brilliance of one of those animals, you’d then comprehend that that right there, is a lot of time & barking. You can tell those whispers the cab money is on the counter.
  • Demand that the team allows me to take the dogs on road trips or hold out.
  • Do everything in ones power to not go 3 without a tally at any point in this career path.
  • Ask if Marijuana usage is allowed for an NHLer.
  • Deliver candid interviews.
  • Win. Win. Win.
  • Call my parents regularly.
  • Spend a cheque on Audible and discover North America with Lenny, Henny and Kenny.

No one can prepare you to play in Vancouver. That is understandable. A YouTube tutorial let alone a dinner with the last of his kind, Todd Bertuzzi could help bridge that gap between what is and isn’t known. This city demands a lot and rightfully so.

It is what it is.

Wait, what?

The 16-year-old me would be ecstatic.

The 27-year-old in me is ecstatic.

Sell Out

Oh Quads, you’ve changed.

One Love

That’ll never change Quads.

No Love

This ain’t it British Colombia.


For the first time in Vancouver Canucks, yes your Vancouver Canucks’s history, 3 players in 3 consecutive years have seen their names as finalist for the Calder Memorial Trophy.

A very telling feat for those who choose to tell the tale.

Zzzz or Hmmm?

On one shoulder, @kylebhawan is telling me that this is a display of boredom. Assistant General Managers from centuries ago are still getting the coveted Taj co-sign.

And on the slightly better proportioned shoulder, a more handsome @kylebhawan is telling me that may just be the quote of the year. Tony G aka the Hall of Famer aka our Yoda just said that “Laurence Gilman paid for his salary with one thought, with one suggestion.” A fact, we don’t know but a direct correlation to Gilman’s brilliance, I think so.

I may use that bar for one of these musicians who walk into this playground of ours. I advice you to create a SoCan account Tony Gallagher and be ready to collect those royalties.

He did the Drance, he did the monster Drance

Thomas, who’s leading the other Conn Smythe Race by a mile, sounds as if he was working for the Florida Panthers previous to this season.

And yup I know, Taj should be getting royalties as well.

Wait, what? Pt.2



I would be open to living in that other universe where Matt Sekeres has a TikTok account with 2 million followers.

What would he be doing for the notoriety?

Something f*cken splendid.

Extinguish One

I’ll talk about the answer on Sippin’ On A 40.


Which Jersey are you keeping?

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  • 50%
    The Black Skate Canucks Jersey?
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  • 50%
    The Vancouver Grizzlies Home Jersey?
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They’ll take less

Nothing is guaranteed in life. We all know that.

That being said, isn’t there a guarantee in our future that reads elite players who need new contracts across the spectrum of professional sports will take less post-pandemic because uhhh.....


No madness for Nikita

Ahh Nikita, what could have been.

The ex Canucks prospect decided to stay in Russia today, leaving my city only to wonder if Nikita would ever get used to the small of weed.

And now we’ll never know.

One thing we do know, Nikita ain’t down to embrace the madness, and the love that comes with it, in Vancouver.