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Media Night War | Sippin’ On A Coffee

And it’s just getting started.

This doesn’t make much sense.

Joining me on this uncoordinated keyboard smashing is a mutated apple, a cup of vintage office Joe, an incredible fritter from a European bakery (No apologies to Timothy Horton), munchies dominated by Pretzels and finally a glass of non-tap water.

What will all that is on the table ultimately bring to the blog table? Hopefully a read that has your mind content thus leading you to believe that me, yes me, @kylebhawan, may just become a fixture in your hockey life.

And if not, you know the deal.

It is what it is.

Somebody made that up

Another predictable answer for what was a predictable yet necessary rumor.

Ah what a time to be alive,

Why necessary?

This is Vancouver.

Aww man

Well would you look at that? Wagner & facts had to ruin the fun.

Make something up

I had 2 beers only.

If Petey is your bestfriend...

He’d want you ‘round all the time.

If only I had become a professional athlete. Only then I would know how vital personal friendships are in a potentially 10 month long business trip.

But i’m currently living the life I knowingly chose. One that has me blogging away at the medium rare age of 27.

Anyways, if I’m answering the phone calls, i’m listening to the second most talented Canuck of all time.

Do the math

And let’s be honest, anyone who claims to be fans of our favorite sport can muster up this equation.

Canucks in “cap hell” + possibly losing Tanev + having Jim Benning as a general manager + this is Vancouver + invested fanbase + no Stanley Cup in 50 years of existence + a rainy summer + 2020 + Tofolli’s first ten games in blue and green = the obvious.

The morale of the story

It is and always will be a results oriented business. Nobody is safe.

But would you do it?

Do what?

Signal out to the masses of quarantined followers that the team is interested in parting ways with the 2018 Calder Finalist?

If I was a reporter with a trusted source and sits in one of the chairs on Vancouver’s favorite sports radio show, you damn right I would.

But would you do it in 2020?

*Takes a sip of the tea with the fruit and the nuts*

Absolutely not.

Look, I guess I’m not living in my version of a normal world. Things still don’t make sense and rightfully so.


The outlook of this team has changed for me in such a short and eventful amount of time. Gone are the moments in which I hope this team is taking one step at a time towards the goal a franchise can predict if moved with ease and precision. That couple alone should equate to being overly competitive year in and year out.

Nowadays I, @kylebhawan is just hoping for the best and letting go of those moments we really can’t control. Especially those during a futuristic offseason which honestly could start as early as next month or as scheduled in the late fall.

In my world circa 2020, cap space and asset management really could go down that lost porta potty.

Again, I’m hoping the best for those athletes that represent this city. Who really don’t have to be giving us something to watch let alone monetize. I know this sounds cheesy, even from this Wisconsin native, and it ignores that fact that those same athletes risking it all for your viewership & wallet are also risking it all for their dreams and goals.

But it really is, what is is. For @kylebhawan at least.

Even if I hear it, the above rumor, I ain’t saying sh*t in 2020.


As the recently high-school graduate Quavo would say.


I’ll be real and I’ll be honest. I don’t really know what’s going on here. @kylebhawan is an old soul who can’t take the time to comprehend a Twitter feud and hopes they would just save it for the ring.

Aka the airwaves.

Or in 2020, anywhere consumable via headphones.

That being said, I am a firm believer in learning new concepts that could help this life of mine. So let’s attempt to comprehend this battle.

A bit of a reach

I actually don’t know if I stand by this header.

It was just there and my dogs at the door.

Drance wants to dance

And did he ever actually hang up?

Wait, what happened?

We at the Nucks Misconduct Network didn’t have enough to clear the bill to air the entire fight on the now 14th greatest Canucks blog according to a unnamed source.

Ahh to be mad at such a putrid sized wallet would be reasonable, I guess.

Nonetheless the show goes on.

Bad luck and sh*t

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

You can call me a piss baby

Honestly, I’ve probably been one a couple hundred times.

It’s all good.

It is what it is.

They’ll take less than you think

I promise.

I should just call this the Taj Report btw.