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A Baby in a Cup | Sippin’ On A Coffee

What a quote I tell ya.

Well I should start by saying that bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch was exactly what you’d expect from a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

It was phenomenal. Straight up.

Yet there is this spot of doubt in me that is signaling two servings of that stuff is for children who are celebrating their day of birth, not a 27-year-old who ironically, is still in need of growing the f*ck up. I believe there are others who fit in that demographic who need to do the same.

That being said you could take it a step further and say we should all, yes all, must look forward to growing up some more in this life that if fortunate enough, could be a long one.

Anyways, the 16 grams of sugar engulfed into my mouth is now being met with the fuel to this soon-to-be hockey read, black coffee and I must say, I’m ready to type away and find out what the future holds. Could it be that the following will be the greatest read in this market since 2018? Maybe. Could this be a complete waste of time? I repeat, maybe.

All I do know is that it is, what it is.


To those in British Colombia our hero, originally from Prince Edward Island is taking the weekend off and deservedly so I must add.

Dr. Bonnie Henry has been exactly what the first doctor in the world ordered. She’s been calm, cool and collected. She’s been articulate, accurate and whatever amazing word begins with an A. Oh would you look at that, amazing.

She’s been a hero.

And let’s be real and let’s be honest, she will continue to do all of the above. It is in her fabric to make sure her people, wherever they may be, are taken care of.

That being said, once again she is on vacation for a little bit here and we as the people of BC should do her a favor and be on our cleanest and safest behavior for the next few days. I dream of the Tuesday she returns to the podium in which she signals out that the numbers for new cases are once again extremely small if not invisible.

Especially after cases were found in local Vancouver strip clubs.

Be smart BC. Do it for Bonnie.


One love Edmonton.

Sutton Livin’

Who knew that those two meaningful losses to the depleted Blue Jackets could cost our city’s team some European Duck Down pillows and over 40 Wellness Vitasan Duvets?

Another reason to tell your children to play the full 60.

In all seriousness. much love to all the players sacrificing a bit of everything in their lives to compete for that Stanley Cup*. Or is it just that Stanley Cup. The jury is still out. That being said, they are still there away from again, a bit of everything when they don’t need to be.

If there was anytime a hockey player could use the load management card with the chagrin from the old heads, it would of been this moment in 2020. Again, they don’t have to be there living in Hotels for upwards of 3+ months. But there they are attempting to accomplish a dream* we, yes we, all share.

I Repeat

They don’t have to be there.

More on Horvat later.

No it isn’t

It’s alright. #Canucks*

This is beautiful

I am probably more Vancouver than that cloud over the Olympic Cauldron and that lady with over 1,700 triumphs of the grouse grind.

To prove it to you, I @kylebhawan will risk freedom to find the stockpile of home jerseys the real players use and bury them somewhere in a park or construction site.

That will lead then lead to our unimportant prayers to be answered.

Best of luck

Sarcasm could of entered the fold in this portion of the banter but here I am in 2020 hoping the best for every beautiful soul out there.

Judd, even though your departure left a dent the size of a smartie on my outlook of this city’s team, we over here at the Network wish you the best.

In all honesty, I admire the hustle and the want to showcase your concepts on team development. Now, his new role with the Wild isn’t a title that screams a huge promotion but it does allow Bracket to put his fingerprints all over a Paul Fenton executive produced franchise. There is a lot of work to be done with that team your Canucks, yes your Canucks are facing in the play in round.

There should be a lot of fun in that for a hockey nut.

Would've given it to...

Elias Petterson’s defensive game.

Regardless, the player that proved 92% of the hockey market wrong, deserves all the respect he’s getting.

Wait Wait Wait

The player that proved 92% of the hockey market wrong, deserves more respect.

We are almost done here

My fingers need more black coffee but my teeth do not.

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For the City

Look I get it. I really do.

The Canucks are in cap hell with the likes of Beagle, Sutter, and Eriksson making upwards of 13 million dollars combined. Throw in the 6 million and change being accounted for the likes of Luongo, Baertschi, and are you serious, Ryan Spooner.

This will be a problem with the the large crop of players they would want to bring back needing new deals. Deals that won’t all fit under the expected budget of 18 million dollars heading into whenever the off season it.

On top of all this nonsense and this is what it is, nonsense, this version of the Vancouver Canucks isn’t even that good. They aren’t favorites. We all know that. They also aren’t the worst team in the dance. We also all know that.

They’re really just the 2019-2020 Vancouver Canucks. A team lead by some fantastic entry level’s and a goalie wanting a couple things. The money he is warranted and the admiration from his peers/himself he’s been working for his entire life.

Again the Jacob Markstrom roller coaster of a career is really something to be facinated about.

That being said, it f*cking 2020.

Again, no one has to be here. No one has to be entertaining you. No one.

Yet they are going to attempt to do just that in I repeat, 2020. The team you follow will have it’s players banging bodies with those who have been in airports across North America. Last time I checked, the U S of A is in North America. The now home for that piece of sh*t called COVID-19. The team you spend hours talking about will be away from their families and loved ones during the worst time in a century will be living in a damn hotel for months.

Look, it’s 2020 people.

I’ve been saying this a lot but best of luck to everyone on this planet during the second half of what has been a year that will be infamously talked about in the next two centuries.

With all that being said, some of you still are in need of that 12.5 % chance at a #1 pick and I get it, sort of. It’s just sports right? Feel anyway, even if its a little inhumane about the team you follow. Those are the rules in this life we chose.

Anyways, I’ll just be here reading this Horvat quote.

Best of luck Vancouver.