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Sippin’ On A Coffee | What A Time To Be Alive Pt 2

Disappointing week in my city

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Vancouver. Vancouver. Vancouver.

How are you doing? @kylebhawan sincerely hope all is well.

It’s been a while since black coffee and this blogitorial got together for, well coffee and yeah damn right there's an abundance to banter about.

If only the writer of this was smart enough to make sense of it.

From the important to the non-important. And once again, from the important to the non important. This conversation could lose direction before it really should and when it obviously would.

It is what is is.

First things first

Let Anson Carter get that introduction.

Second things second

Reminder, Anson Carter did have elite hockey hair throughout his career.

City of...

This has been an absurd work week in the city of Vancouver.

First, we must bring up the belief some of you from the couve’ choose to ahh man I can't even say it.

Are you serious?

Did I really see some burp out that Henrik and Daniel aren't first ballot Hockey Hall Of Famers. And no, there won’t be photos providing the evidence for let’s say, a cancelling of those who choose to occupy such a pathetic grip. We wouldn’t want to water those plants.

And yeah, yeah, yeah...

We can have the debate sure and we can also keep it relatively short. A dog does need to be walked after all. If Mats Sundin is a first ballot Hall Of Famer than yeah....

Did somebody say evidence?

Did I mention that this has been a disappointing work week in the city of Vancouver? Oh, I mentioned that it was absurd? Scratch that.

Scratch it to no return.

What has happened to the people who bleed blue, green, black, orange, yellow, white, navy blue, burgundy, red and that millionaire color?

You really want this team losing to the Paul Fenton executive produced Minnesota wild?

Remembering Executive Producer Paul Fenton

Thank you Russo. That’s all we needed.

Micheal Russo

I left that look back in 2019

Draft Lottery's don’t do it for me anymore. The 6 year relationship resembled somewhat of an empty mirage. Nonetheless, looking back at those “times”, regrets are witnessed but do sit with the lessons.

Well, just two of the lessons. First, relationships, yes even long ones, have the ability to teach you absolutely nothing. Second, drink more coffee.

Why put 12.5 percent of your faith in a stock of chance that is infected with a 50 year old curse. That type of foolery can’t take part in this bubble of mine.

Not in 2020.

Not in 2020.

Guess who’s back?

Back again.

The Edmonton Canucks

Look, more of an explanation should follow but there is this urge at the door to get a resemblance of a workout in by let’s say, 9:30 pm.

Just don’t lose to the worst team in this dance. That would do some damage.

Wouldn't it? I can't be the only one thinking this....

Listen to the latest episode of Sippin’ On A 40

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I know your Canucks are not close to completing this box-less puzzle. Max Kellerman could tell you that. Why lose the ticket you don’t even have to the Fentontona Wild when pointless fear aka the impossible aka the Colorado Avalanche would be up next. Nope, that’s not what some of the city wants.

That select majority wants to lose. Which is cool. Ha-ha, so f*cking cool

Show me all of Bill Guerin's Moves

Sure thing.

How does he do it

Calm. Cool. Collected.

That or he enjoys fence walking in his free time.

The only other option...

Dear Miss Draft Lottery,

If let’s say this tournament doesn’t happen. You know...

It gets cancelled due to flaws and pardon my language, but an outbreak. Would you then maybe, get together for a drink?

You know what babe? I'll take you to my favorite spot.

Always but never forever,


Five minutes later...

Dear miss Draft Lottery,


I never want to speak to you again and this time I mean it.

Thanks for f*cking nothing,


Eh Kellerman, you can stay

Thank you for allowing the National Hockey League to have some air time on your television program. That was different.

I enjoy different.

Even if that enjoyment came from the game we love taking a humiliating defeat in this quest to throw Major League Boredom off of the third pedestal.

Greatest Response

Do better.

That’s a message to everyone involved in showcasing what this sport can offer in the world of entertainment.

You reading this, yes you, do better.

Do Better


One Love

That’s it for today's blogitorial.

One love.