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Dude Where’s My Towel? | The Hub City Conundrum and the CHL lawsuit (feat. Andrew Wadden)

Check out the latest episode of Power of the Towel, out now.

Jacob Markstrom
Should the Canucks move on from Jacob Markstrom if his asking price is too high. Host Nick Bondi and guest Andrew Wadden discuss that on the latest episode of Power of the Towel.
Getty Images (edits by Nick Bondi)

To Hub or Not To Hub

The great Hub City debate has really become the new sports bar debate, replacing the classic LeBron vs Michael Jordan discussion that has served us so well over the years. It seems like every day new information comes out that puts one city or another out of the question.

At the time of recording, it looked like Vancouver and Las Vegas were mortal locks. Now, it appears the BC Provincial Government is having a bit of buyers’ remorse.

Look, I’m on the record saying I do not care whether Vancouver gets the hub city or not. To me, it’s all political posturing. Not like I can go to the games or be a part of a cool viewing party.

Make it Vancouver and Edmonton, and satisfy the people here who for whatever reason want it, and Edmonton so they get something out of this ridiculous video and don’t all collectively poop their pants.

Auston Matthews has COVID-19, and no one is talking about it

If a Toronto Maple Leaf gets COVID-19 and no one is around to hear him cough, did he actually ever contract it?

The biggest story in hockey, besides something we’ll end the column with, should have been Auston Matthews contracting COVID-19. One of the biggest stars in the biggest market has a novel disease, right as the NHL is getting ready to set up its bubble to finish the NHL season. Yet, not a peep from really any of the Big J journalists from the likes of TSN and Sportsnet. Why is that?

Fellow Nucks Misconduct contributor and podcaster Kyle Bhawan talked about this on the latest Sippin’ On A 40 and almost got it right. But in my opinion, it’s pretty simple.

Who owns MLSE, the parent company that owns the Maple Leafs? TSN and Sportsnet. What motivation do they have to report on one of their biggest assets in such a negative light? They want no part of that.

It’s why I have such a hatred for Toronto based sports teams — we will never have a true unbiased national broadcast of the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, or the Raptors because the two sports channels have such a vested interest in them succeeding and positive news.

Hey, I as much as anyone likes to clown Steve Simmons aka Mr. Computer Boy aka Cheapo Blue Jays, but he’s got a good point in this article written by Ed Willes.

Moving On From Markstrom

Guest this week Andrew Wadden, a producer at TSN 1040 here in Vancouver is willing to move on from Jacob Markstrom — if the price gets too out of hand.

I think most Canucks fans if they’re being honest would probably say the same thing. The Canucks are not in a position cap wise to give Markstrom whatever he wants, even if he was the team’s MVP to most this past season.

I wouldn’t mind giving the job between the pipes to Thatcher Demko if Markstrom wants too much, but the real question is does Jim Benning and Travis Green? It took longer than most people expected to finally call up Demko to be the backup, and they had the chance to go with Demko in stretches last season when they were down and out — only to keep riding Markstrom.

I would be genuinely shocked if the Canucks can’t come to terms with Markstrom.

#EmbraceTheFake update

A perfect shooting percentage so far for the #embracethefake movement on the podcast, with everyone saying that Jacob Markstrom will be the reason that the Canucks win their first-ever Stanley Cup in 2020. We’re cooking baby.

And Now, For Something Completely Different

This past Thursday, a bombshell article by Ken Campbell of The Hockey News outlined some disgusting and abhorrent allegations regarding hazing in the Canadian Hockey League. I outlined my thoughts in this Twitter thread, but I wanted to add one more thing.

From my experience helping break a story about a coach in a position of power in my college days, there were some people who came after myself personally and the people who decided to come forward. I even got into a fairly heated argument with a professor who I really respected.

This stuff bugged me for a long time. Why are they attacking me? I didn’t make this stuff up, I just wanted to bring light to something that to me and my colleagues, was clearly wrong.

Well, it dawned on me a few days ago. There is a chunk of people who can’t believe someone would do something for altruistic reasons — they have to be getting something out of it for them to come forward and putting themselves out there.

Nothing but respect for people like Daniel Carcillo, Garrett Taylor, and anyone else who decides to come forward in the future. You have my unlimited support.