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Last Week on The Quickie: Jim Benning is Made of Teflon

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Speaking of things that bug you but just won’t go away, here’s what you might have missed on The Quickie podcast last week.

NHL: FEB 28 Red Wings at Canucks
Vancouver Canucks General Manager Jim Benning speaks to the media after a game between against the Vancouver Canucks and Detroit Red Wings. Benning was discussing the recent trades of Vancouver Canucks Left Wing Alexandre Burrows (14) and Vancouver Canucks Right Wing Jannik Hansen (36). February 28, 2017, at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC.
Photo by Bob Frid/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

He’s got skin so thick you couldn’t cut it with a machete.

That’s how one might describe Jim Benning. A man who, despite constant criticism throughout his time as Vancouver Canucks general managers, is currently NHL’s 11th longest tenured GM.

He’s even managed to win over a good chunk of fans in the last year or so as well.

Speaking of things that bug you but just won’t go away, here’s what you might have missed on The Quickie podcast last week.

Are the Blue Jackets a Dark Horse Team to Watch?

The main argument here. Despite a rash of injuries, they remain a playoff team thanks for a staunch defensive system. They’ve also allowed the third-fewest goals in the NHL.

Also, who’s doubting them after last year’s miraculous performance against the Tampa Bay Lightning. If we’ve learned one thing, it’s never to doubt John Tortorella (unless he’s coaching a Canadian hockey team while refusing to live in Canada).

The Best Brock in the NHL

Yes I know, I’m asking to be fired as the NM editor...

The truth is though, Brock Nelson was the NHL’s best Brock this season. I make the argument that he was the Isles best player this season, even though it took him until his seventh NHL season to break out.

I also make the argument that Michael Dal Colle was the Islanders most disappointing player this season. Just remember that next time you want to pile on Jake Virtanen.

Jim Benning is Made of Teflon

Love him or hate him, he’s sticking around.

It seems like Benning’s worst days are behind him too. With Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes kicking some big boy ass at the NHL level, along with trades for J.T. Miller and Tanner Pearson, market opinion has swayed towards neutral on Jim Benning.

But really, you should look at the list of NHL GM’s and ask yourself, is anyone on this list even hated my the majority of their fans?

You could do that, or just listen to my spiel about GM’s and the power of fan opinion on The Quickie.

Today’s Quickie: Let’s Get Crazy with the 24-Team Format

I recorded this episode in response to the Tampa Bay Lightning’s decision to reject the 24-team format.

One of their reasons was a lack of motivation to play before they face their playoff opponent. So, let’s give them some motivation.

Why don’t the top four teams in each conference play for the right to select their opponent? Just do it, NHL, and let the storylines write themselves.