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Wake With Elias- May 25, 2020: SN Serves Up Another Round Of The 1994 Finals Run And More

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All this week Sportsnet will be showing the 1994 Western Conference Final series between the Canucks and... the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Vancouver Canucks v Toronto Maple Leafs


Not a lot of news at the moment, but we’ll get you up to date on some things you should see as we begin week 847 of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The exciting news this week, at least from a Canucks fan viewpoint, is Sportsnet running all 5 games of the 1994 Western Conference Finals series between the Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs. Yes, that was back in the day when the Leafs were part of the Norris Division (which would go on to become the Central, basically), so if you weren’t around then or don’t remember, this is a great chance for you to relive a huge part of this magical run. No word yet on whether they’re going to show the previous series’ against Calgary, Dallas and the full finals against the New York Rangers, but this should be a lot of fun, and we’ll even open up a game thread for you to hang out in. The action gets underway at 5pm PST/8pm EST tonight on all Sportsnet channels.

Yesterday was the anniversary of two important games in Canucks history: Game 5 of the series against the Leafs in 1994 and Game 5 in the 2011 Conference Finals with that memorable OT winner over the Sharks:

Oh, Juice. You so crazy!

Also, here’s a look at that Bieksa goal from a perspective you may not have seen before from Canucks parody song king Clay Imoo:

Ben Kuzma looks at the potential for some deja-vu in a series against the Minnesota Wild...

If you’re a betting kinda person, here’s what Vegas has for the odds should this whole playoff thing come to fruition:

Eddie Lack was on Sportsnet590 to talk about, among other things, his time as a Vancouver Canuck:

As we look to the future, there’s a lot of discussion on who the Canucks could possibly trade into assets that they need, but Brock Boeser probably shouldn’t be one of them:

AROUND THE NHL: With construction sites getting the go-ahead to return in many places, that means projects like the new home for the New York Islanders will resume:

One of the big issues that needs to be addressed if the playoffs return: How to deal with players and their families being separated during this time:

Don’t sweat the stuff, says Ed Willes about the NHL returning...

Darren Dreger on what happens next with the NHL and the NHLPA:

Our pals at PPP reminding us that much like the NHL itself, this plan is still half baked:

I kinda missed this, but this sounds like it could be entertaining: