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Last Week on The Quickie | About that 2003 Canucks Team...

About that fastest hockey podcast in the’s quick.

Bertuzzi and Tkachuk seperated
Todd Bertuzzi #44 of the Vancouver Canucks and Keith Tkachuk #7 of the St. Louis Blues are seperated by the linesman during the first round of the 2003 Stanley Cup playoffs at General Motors Place on April 12, 2003 in Vancouver, Canada. The Canucks defeated the Blues 2-1.
Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images/NHLI

Despite the last NHL game taking place exactly two months ago, the fastest hockey podcast in the world found five different things to talk about over the last week.

The Quickie lives on. Here’s what you may have missed last week.

Yin and Yang Performances from Capitals’ Vets

John Carlson was on pace to surpass 90 points this season. I know he’s a good player, but that performance is still surprising, even for his own expectations.

The same cannot be said for Braden Holtby, who picked a bad time to have subpar season. Nonetheless, someone will pay him next year.

Could it be a Pacific Division team? More on that later.

About that 2003 Canucks Team...

We talked about some of the older games we’ve been watching in the latest Nucks Misconduct Roundtable. I got sucked into a little 2003 time warp.

It’s easy to forget how good that team was, minus one major flaw.

Sorry, Dan Cloutier fans.

Deciphering the goaltending mess in the Pacific Division

I’m not sure which is the bigger shitshow, Canucks Twitter or goaltending in the Pacific Division.

Pretty much every team in the Pacific, minus Arizona and Anaheim, have some major questions in net that need to be solved.

Will the Canucks re-sign Markstrom? Will Calgary trust Talbot moving forward? Will the Golden Knights be able to afford Lehner? I take a look at the biggest questions in net for Pacific Division teams on this episode of The Quickie.

Thank You, Elliotte Friedman

When the pandemic first struck, Kyle and I debated potential playoff formats on Silky N’ Filthy. I mentioned the 24-team format, and Elliotte Friedman backed up the same idea last week.

So thank you, Elliotte Friedman. I talk about the details of how I see it potentially playing out, and some potential match-ups.

Monday Morning Quickie: Stay Greasy, Philadelphia

Seriously, there are some good and bad reasons why one might be called greasy, but there are a few reasons why Philly gets the “bad greasy” label.

However, their leading scorer this season could be defined as “good greasy.” I talk about all of that on the latest episode of The Quickie.