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Self-Isolating With Elias: Wednesday April 8, 2020

New York Islanders v Vancouver Canucks

It’s been a bit since our last update, but we hope that you’re all safe, healthy and managing through these difficult days. Let’s get up to date on things, shall we?

Everyone at Nucks Misconduct is sending positive thoughts to Colby Cave and his family after this announcement yesterday:

The Hughes Brothers are spending a lot of quality time in isolation, it seems...

And doesn’t it feel good to see that this guy has the kind of qualities we love about the Canucks players already?

Florida Panthers G Sergei Bobrovsky with the save of the year:

The NHL and Sportsnet have some classic games coming up today worth a watch:

Meanwhile the NHL continues to try and convince people there’s going to be a resumption of play, maybe...

A nice piece on former Canuck Nic Dowd and his charity work in DC: