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Last Week on The Quickie | Unlucky Canucks Blessed with Broadcast Brilliance

Despite a tumultuous 50-year history, the city of Vancouver has been rewarded with some of the best in hockey broadcasting.

Colorado Avalanche v Vancouver Canucks
Celebrating his 70th birthday, Canucks broadcaster Tom Larscheid is carried by fellow Canucks broadcasters (L-R) John Garrett, Rick Ball, John Shorthouse and Canucks broadcast producer Mike Whittingham prior to the game between the Vancouver Canucks and the Colorado Avalanche at General Motors Place on April 6, 2010 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

There’s no doubt that the Vancouver Canucks haven’t had the luckiest, or most successful, 50-year tenure in the NHL.

With zero Cups, three Cup final appearances and long stretches of ineptitude, watching hockey in Vancouver has often been more of an obsessive compulsion rather than a rewarding fan experience.

However, the city has been blessed with fantastic hockey broadcasters throughout most of their history. I look at that and continue to go around each NHL city on The Quickie podcast.

What’s Up, Denver?

There have been lots of surprisingly successful players on the Colorado Avalanche this season. Of all the choices, I picked Valeri Nichushkin as the biggest surprise player.

Not only did he go from zero goals to 13 this season, but he’s been one of their most dominant possession players despite playing on a checking line. The player drafted one pick after Horvat in 2013 has helped Colorado solidify their depth issue this season.

Oh, and if you’ve been to Denver, let me know your tips on what to do!

The “Boring” Dallas Stars

I’m likely not alone when I say that I’m a fan of fun hockey. The style that the Dallas Stars play is anything but fun.

Tyler Seguin leads the Stars with 50 point sin 68 games. No other player on the team has more than 39 points. The Canucks, in comparison, have six players with more than 45 points.

The system is clearly working, even if they are an eyesore to watch. I did pick the Stars leading goal scorer as my most surprising player. Hint, it’s not Seguin, Benn, Alexander Radulov, or Joe Pavelski...

My Soft Spot for Winnipeg

Yes yes, I do appreciate all of you who have made The Quickie a part of your quarantine entertainment, either full-time or occasionally.

I also do have an unhealthy appreciation for the city of Winnipeg, which I talk about in the episode.

Neil Pionk was the easy choice for the team’s most surprising player. He’s had a fantastic season with six goals and 45 points. More importantly, he’s one of their only defenders who has had a positive impact at preventing goals and chances.

Canucks Broadcasting Appreciation Episode

As mentioned in the intro, being a Canucks fan hasn’t always been easy. However, some of the city’s broadcasters have helped inject some life into this team when it was much needed.

Jim Robson, Tom Larscheid, Jim Hughson, John Shorthouse, Rick Ball, and Brendan Batchelor all deserve high praise. I talk about them & more on this episode of The Quickie.

Monday Morning Quickie: Screw You, Chicago

No love lost.