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Ranking the Best (and Worst) Canucks Goal Songs

Everything from Pat Benatar to Van Halen...

Boston Bruins v Vancouver Canucks - Game Five Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

I am under the firm belief that a good goal song is one of the most crucial aspects of the fan experience in an NHL building. Why did “Chelsea Dagger” become the bane of the Canucks existence during their rivalry with the Hawks? It pains me to say it, but it’s a fantastic goal song which absolutely takes up rent-free space in the heads of the opposing teams and fans.

With that being said, the Canucks have both knocked this out of the park in the and have also badly missed the boat in past seasons. This list takes into account Vancouver goal songs from 1991 to this season. Let’s get into it.

Worst of the Worst

12. “Electric Worry” — Clutch (2011-12)

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. That”s the lesson for the Canucks DJs after changing the goal song after the team’s most successful season in team history to this. It’s not even a terrible song either, it’s just on principle that it partially symbolized the page being turned too soon on the powerhouse 2011 Canucks. Plus, Vancouver bowed out in 5 games after winning a President’s Trophy with this as their goal song. Like its chorus, this song can “Vamanos, vamanos” away for good, which it has.

11. “The Whip” — Locksley (2017-18)

Generic, generic, generic. This song just reeks of being chosen due to a lack of creativity and also has a rather cheesy sound. It is also the long-time goal song of the Columbus Blue Jackets, so there’s also the copycat factor. Oh yeah, and the team was deep in the doldrums of it’s latest rebuild, so nothing good really happened with this playing in Rogers. Just a very forgettable tune.

10. Customized Goal Songs (2015-17)

I realize this was a creative attempt by the team to get the fans more in tune with player personalities, but for me it just falls flat. You just need a consistent goal song that gives the team some kind of an aura. With every player having their own song, there’s no continuity and it just feels like walk-up songs in baseball. Also, the team had minimal success on the ice going this route, so it’s something that I’d rather not see the Canucks try again.

Close, but No Cigar

9. “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” — Pat Benatar (1990-91)

First thing I’ll say here is this song is a classic, just not a classic when it comes to goal songs for the Canucks. The lyrics are a little too cheesy to work well for a post-goal tune. This was the first regular Canucks goal song though, which counts enough for Benatar’s classic to move out of the “Worst of the worst” category.

8. “The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)” — U2 (2014-15)

I do like this song, and it was clearly a creative pick for the team’s goal song. One of the downsides of this song is that it’s from the U2 album that was downloaded automatically to everyone’s iPhone back in 2014. So, there was the annoyance factor of that for some fans. Other than that, it was a decent tune.

7. “Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole” — (2002-06)

Some may disagree with how low this song is on my list as it was the goal song that defined the West Coast Express era, but in my view this works much better as a song played after soccer goals than hockey goals. However, I do see how this could’ve gotten in the heads of the Canucks’ rivals during this era. For me though, close but no cigar.

Solid Pump-Up Songs

6. “Gold on the Ceiling” — Black Keys (2012-14)

This song worked well as the Canucks’ goal song during the tumultuous end of the Vigneault era and the Tortorella disaster. The riff before the chorus is catchy and I think it could get the crowd going in the right situation. Sadly though, it wasn’t used in exactly a great time to be a Canucks fan. Still, an above average goal song.

5. “Rock and Roll Part II” - Gary Glitter (1992-2002)

Yes, this is a cliche sports song, but it did cover the Canucks during the 94’ run and is the longest tenured Vancouver goal song in their history. Both those things earn this song extra points to move up in the countdown. Although it’s overused, there’s something classic about this original pump-up song, timeless even. So, that’s why it sits firmly in the upper half of this countdown.

4. “Crowd Chant” - Joe Satriani (2008-09)

As we move into the top 3rd of this countdown, here’s an under the radar pick that brought some heat into the speakers of Rogers Arena. The ‘08/09 team was one of the best to not make a deep playoff run in team history, and this song made goals that year that much better. The song title describes it as accurately as possible too, as this was a straight up crowd chant with an awesome guitar riff mixed in.

Inject These Songs Into Your Veins

3. “Elevation” - U2 (2006-08)

With this song, I can just picture the Canucks getting dominated in their own zone, Luongo making a few miraculous saves, then Jan Bulis and Jeff Cowan combining for a goal against the flow of play on the other end. Better yet, the Canucks used the energizing opening guitar riff after they scored. I think it made for an electric atmosphere after a goal, just take another look and listen after Linden scores in Game 7 against Dallas. Electricity.

2. “Ain’t Talkin Bout’ Love” - Van Halen (2019-current)

Maybe this is just recency bias speaking here, but I’m a huge fan of what the Canucks use now. I think this song has the potential to be the “Holiday” of this new era of Vancouver hockey that it seems like we may be entering with the core of Pettersson, Hughes, Horvat, and Boeser in their respective primes. The opening riff is sick, along with the “Hey, hey, hey” that the crowd can chant along to, and the fact that the song is a timeless classic make it a keeper. I just hope the team decides not to change this song for the forseeable future, we need to stick with a song for once.

The Best of the Best

1. “Holiday” - Green Day (2009-11, 2018-19)

I think everyone knew this was coming. Every time I hear this song, I instantly think of the Canucks in their prime with the Sedins winning MVPs and scoring titles, division titles, the President’s Trophy, and even a Cup Final appearance. Oh, what good memories. The Dragon Slayed, the Stanchion, Raffi’s Game 1 goal and more joyous moments were followed up by one of the classic songs of the 2000s. The first big mistake the Canucks made post-Cup run was getting rid of this masterpiece as their goal song.